Maybe it鈥檚 because they remind us of our grandma鈥檚 kitchen, or maybe it鈥檚 because they bring the feel of a fancy, candlelit restaurant. Whatever the reason, there鈥檚 just something about cloth napkins that transforms an ordinary dinner into a special occasion. Whether you鈥檙e popping open the wine or filling up on sweet tea, these 34 napkins are guaranteed to elevate your next meal.

1. Polka Dot Napkins ($16 for 4): Make Monday night鈥檚 leftovers seem extraordinary next to these cheerful polka dot napkins.

2. Geo Stripe Napkin ($8): No matter the season, the geometric print on this napkin will brighten up your dinner table.

3. Border Stitch Napkins ($19 for 4): Dress up your everyday suppers with these two-toned cloth napkins.

4. Splash Cotton Napkins ($59 for 4): Looking for a more abstract look for your table setting? Not only are these indigo napkins effortlessly chic, but they鈥檒l also keep any pesky stains hidden.

5. Cloth Napkins ($6 for 2): Gold sparkly stars? We think you need these for your holiday table.

6. Paint Chip Luncheon Napkins ($26 for 2): With names like 鈥淪he鈥檚 Crafty鈥 and 鈥淢y Goodness,鈥 you鈥檒l have your guests giggling over these faux paint chip napkins.

7. Geode Napkins ($26 for 2): After you鈥檝e set the table with these gem-tastic napkins, why not make a gem DIY project or two?

8. Thick Linen Chambray Napkins ($36 for 2): These simple chambray napkins will make your table an elegant place, no matter the occasion.

9. Yellow Chevron Napkins ($16 for 4): Cotton-y soft and sunshiny yellow, you鈥檒l want to add these bright napkins to your dining room.

10. Bon Appetit Napkin ($14): This linen napkin boasts a well-known phrase that鈥檒l have you ready to tackle Julia Child鈥檚 Mastering The Art of French Cooking.

11. Fringed Edge Napkin ($16): The metallic lines in these fringed edge napkins will add that extra bit of sparkle your dinner table is missing.

12. Azul Dinner Napkin ($28): Why stop at one print when you can have two? These napkins make mixing patterns fun and easy.

13. Llama Napkin ($5): Invite these sleepy llamas to your dinning room table and add a pop of green to your decor.

14. 鈥楾is The Season Cocktail Napkin ($8): With the vibrant colors on these festive napkins, they鈥檙e seasonally appropriate for any holiday event.

15. Feather Cities Napkin ($48 for 4): Are they feathers or sky scrapers? We鈥檒l let you decide.

16. White Linen Napkins ($96 for 4): If you don鈥檛 feel like splurging, we suspect that you could totally DIY these gorgeous gold triangle napkins.

17. Country Critter Napkins ($20 for 2): Let your guests fight over who gets the rabbit and who gets the fox.

18. Night Sky Napkin ($10): Star light, star bright: With these napkins, your guests won鈥檛 be wishing for anything else.

19. Dots Dinner Napkin ($28): How much fun are these contrasting dotty napkins?

20. Border Stripe Yarn Dye Napkins ($12 for 4): All those stripes bring a nautical-themed table to mind. Will you embark?

21. Sardina Napkin ($8): Speaking of nautical themes, how about these colorful fishy napkins? They鈥檒l make you smile, whether you like sardines or not.

22. Ay Dinner Napkin ($24): It鈥檚 like a modern art piece for your lap.

23. Lines Dinner Napkins ($72 for 6): These screen printed napkins will definitely add a pop of color in between dinner and dessert.

24. Embroidered Andes Cocktail Napkin ($10): These napkins promise to take you straight to the Andes鈥 floating in champagne bubbles, of course.

25. Geos Napkins ($26 for 2): Take your angles straight to dinner with these colorful geometric napkins.

26. Sketch Napkin ($15): They鈥檙e simple. They鈥檙e un-fussy. They reference vintage linens. They are, therefore, perfect.

27. Modern Dots Napkins ($48 for 4): Printed dots in geometric patterns create a napkin that鈥檚 the best of both worlds.

28. Auntie Oti Napkins ($48 for 4): They鈥檙e large dinner napkins that are pink. Need we say more?

29. Firework Napkin ($35): 鈥楥ause baby, these have fireworks. These napkins will give your table worth.

30. Plume Napkins ($32): These beautiful napkins are mix-and-match鈥揳ble, which makes them invaluable.

31. Cheers Cocktail Napkins ($54 for 4): The pretty scrawl on these linens is just the dash of holiday your bar cart needs.

32. Fine Linen Printed Napkins ($92 for 4): The dotty design on these napkins is suspiciously similar to our kitchen colander.

33. Heredia Napkin ($8): How can you say no to putting such an intricate, flowery napkin on your dinner table?

34. Light as a Feather Napkin ($5): Between the golden yellow, red and green hues, these napkins will take you through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Do you use cloth napkins regularly, or only pull them out for special occasions? Tell us all about it below!