At her chic Los Angeles sanctuary, it’s all calm, quiet waters for Glee’s Naya Rivera. The actress showed InStyle magazine around her three-story home — and from the pool to the hot tub to the elegant kitchen (uh, and back to the pool again), we went along for the tour to find some inspiration we can DIY in our own homes. Rivera created a space that is traditional with a touch of romance and modernity, and her old-new, vintage, feminine-but-strong style is what we’re loving right now.

“A house is a house, but family and friends make a house a home,” says Rivera. Agree! So let’s start in the family room. Cut-glass mirrors and burnished metal finishes lend sparkle to an otherwise light and bright family room. Even though the color palette is simple, the textures of linen, leather and metal add lots of visual interest and create a cozy atmosphere.

We love the easygoing elegance of Rivera’s linen couch and its long, sleek single cushion. Think how much change you won’t find under the cushions! Get a similar look with the Ainslie Sofa ($1300) and a pair of metal scroll doors ($200). Mirrors with glass frames, like the above cut glass mirrors ($240), add flash without the weight of a heavy wood frame.

In a surprisingly traditional dining room, dark-stained furnishings ground the airy space while an art deco mirror and chandelier add an air of romance.

The kitchen, with its white subway-tile backsplash and marble countertops, is where Rivera loves to bake during her downtime. Like the rest of the rooms in her house, there are metallic elements in the kitchen with an almost industrial looking pendant light and an island countertop that shines like silver.

Multicolored baskets above the bed and two matching green side tables are the only bits of color in this peaceful bedroom. Dark wood floors, a wooden bench and a dark chandelier bring some natural elements into the light space while sheer curtains add privacy but also an air of romance.

If you need a lot of storage next to your bed, check out these Three Drawer Dressers ($470), add some earth elements to your room with a rustic Wooden Bench ($250) and then get some shimmer with these Gold Embroidered Pillows ($68).

Ummm… yeah, we’d be drinking a glass of wine in the tub every night if that was sitting in our bathroom.

Preferring a very minimal and clean workspace, Rivera keeps her office extra tidy, with little more than a desk and a chair. And, of course, her Teen Choice Award surfboard propped up on the wall adds some warm Cali vibes.

While we’re not sure where she found that amazing linen desk, you can get a similar look with this Button Tufted Armchair ($400) and we kind of love this Silver Writing Desk ($998) for a glam workspace. Now if we could only keep it that organized

Rivera loves having a pool to lounge next to (who wouldn’t?!?!). She says that having breakfast on the deck reminds her of being in Italy. We would have to agree that with the romantic Parisian inspired bathroom, the airy bedroom and that incredible outdoor space, Rivera’s home feels like a European vacation and we don’t want to come back to reality.

What do you think of Naya Rivera’s home? Do you like the way she mixes light and dark elements? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t InStyle Magazine)