If it wasn’t glaringly clear already, we are absolutely in love with this year’s choices for the 2015 Spring Pantone colors. We’ve already brought the colors into our bedrooms, styled them for our wardrobes and even tried them in our favorite foods. The broad spectrum of soft, nature-like colors is the perfect way to update your home office for the spring. Whether you use them on your walls or furniture, we’re sharing 20 gorgeous home offices that feature Pantone’s 2015 spring colors for the ultimate design inspo.


1. Blue Crush: If you want to go for a daring change, then consider painting this vibrant blue all over your walls to make a bold statement in your home office. (via ELLE Decor)

2. Sitting Pretty: A pop of turquoise on an upholstered chair is the perfect complement to a black and white patterned wall. (via HGTV)


3. Nature: For a space that doesn’t have any windows, bring in fresh plants, wood accents and a structured desk chair in a refreshing green shade. (via Facilismo)


4. Make A Statement: When you’re working with a small space, painting the entire room a darker shade can get overwhelming. By sticking to one wall, you will draw all the attention to your chic office. (via Homepolish)


5. Pale Pink: The palest shade of strawberry pink makes a modern office with structured white furniture feel warm and feminine. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

6. Pretty Panels: Mix a strawberry pink paneled wall, a light wood desk and a pop of green on your desk chair, and you get an office that’s as fun and playful as you are. (via The Design Files)

7. Graphic Art: Looking to add some pink to your office without making a major commitment? Wall art like a typography print can liven up any minimalist decor. (via Made by Girl)


8. Color Explosion: If you can’t decide between colors, then embrace them all and energize your office with this bold combination of tangerine, pink and blue. (via House to Home)


9. Velvet Revamp: Give your office a luxe upgrade with velvet, and you’ll get some instant glam. Channel your inner diva without going overboard by incorporating a subtle color like custard. (via Carla Aston)

10. Desk Drawers: Tackle an easy DIY by painting this mellow yellow on the drawers for the perfect complement to a light wood desk. (via Est Magazine)


11. Shades of Gray: As much as we love bright colors, we totally get letting your work projects take the spotlight rather than your walls. If that’s your vibe, then neutral tones like gray, black and white will give you graphic, modern look. (via Basic Label)


12. Color Gradient: The color blue can give any office a relaxed vibe. We love incorporating shades of dusk and classic blue with an easy DIY tie-dye rug and dip-dye drapes. (via Bloesem)


13. Patterned Rug: To keep a classic cream from getting too boring, a patterned rug in Pantone’s Color of the Year easily spices things up. (via JH Interior Design)

14. Purple Passion: Painting the warm Marsala shade on your walls adds instant sophistication to a simple room. (via Levo League)


15. Simple Greens: Muted geometric furniture gets a lot more visually interesting when paired with fresh vibrant green plants. (via Mundadaa)

16. Graphic Wall: Paint three Pantone colors — treetop green, custard yellow and lucite green — in a geometric pattern for a DIY room refresher. (via My Attic)


17. Marble Walls: Instead of just painting your entire room gray, give your walls some texture with a marble paint job that’ll soften up your space. (via Dig Dig)


18. Lavender Breeze: Your to-do list might be a mile long, but a soothing, serene color like lavender instantly puts you at ease when you step into your office. (via Country Living)


19. Corkboard Wall: Kill two birds with one stone and invest in a cork bulletin board to add some organization and a trendy color to your brainstorming space. We call that a win! (via Camera Links)

20. Organization Station: While you’re revamping your walls, don’t forget to give your office accessories an upgrade. This cork and ceramic modular organization tray is the perfect addition to any desk. (via West Elm)

Have these Pantone-colored interiors inspired your future office redesign? Sound off below on what you’re planning to try!