Inspiration is all around us — whether you’re getting your ideas from movies, fashion, history or Pinterest, we know your creativity never takes a break. With summer in full swing and spring cleaning long behind us, we’re betting that you’re channeling that creativity into a new paint color or two for your home. To help out, Dunn Edwards Paints has released their annual color trends report, predicting the most popular color trends for 2016. The report, titled 2016:Home, outlines five paint palettes that elicit different emotions and color schemes within a home. Whether you are trying to keep things romantic or going for a tranquil retreat, there is a color to match your vision. We’re breaking down each of Dunn Edwards Paints’ trendy color schemes, making it easy to find the one that best works for you.

Midnight at Bar Do Copa

Influenced by the wild colors of Rio de Janeiro, Indian spices and artist Frida Kahlo, this palette screams foreign culture. Mixing deep blues with bright, pinky purples, this scheme is perfect for the traveler full of wanderlust.

To the Manor Born

Clearly gaining inspiration from the Middle Ages and Romanticism, this scheme is phantasmagorical. The colors associated with “To the Manor Born” are neutral, with lots of fleshtones, pinks and varying shades of gray. With a palette name this romantic, the scheme is perfect for passionate thinkers.

Back at the Ranch

This palette is an earthy one, drawing inspiration from Western ranches. “Back at the Ranch” demands a sun-filled space, using natural colors like cinnamon with bright gold and red accents. Decor for this style is simple, mostly using wood, leather and embroidery to recreate that Santa Fe style.

An Island to Myself

This trend is perhaps the simplest. Focusing on bridging the gap between the digital and the spiritual, “An Island to Myself” features muted colors like gray and taupe. Combine it with blue, violet and white to create a soft, calming space. Because of the pureness of this trend, creative or visionary types tend to gravitate to this scheme.

Summer Camp

This style is the most homey, recreating summertime by tapping into playful colors and retro design schemes. You cannot help but reminisce about summers past with this theme, which is why it appeals to the most nostalgic among us.

You can view or download the entire 2016 color and trends report, which includes a design checklist, color palette and decorating ideas to help make your space the best reflection of yourself.

Which palette suits you? Leave your choice in the comments below.

(Photos via Dunn Edwards)