Much like the Kentucky Derby, Wimbledon is the perfect excuse to trade your PBRs in for some fancy cocktails. So put on your Lacoste, dig out your cocktail shaker and try out these classic summer Pimm’s cup recipes. We rounded up nine of the best ways to enjoy the U.K.’s liquor of choice. Cheers, mate!

1. Classic Pimm’s: You absolutely do not have to make your own lemonade; cheat a little with a can of San Pellegrino Limonata. (via A Better Happier)

2. Pimm’s and Honey: Add a new layer of flavor by adding honey to your gin and juice. (via 2 Eat 2 Drink]

3. Pimm’s Lemonade: If a traditional Pimm’s isn’t sweet enough for you, go a little heavier on the lemonade. This recipe is just Pimm’s, lemonade, strawberries and mint – sweet and refreshing! (via A Practical Wedding)

4. Pimm’s with a Japanese Twist: Leave it to Nobu to come up with this recipe, which has traditional Pimm’s ingredients plus shiso leaves and kuri. (via Nobu magazine)

5. Red Rooibos Tea Sangria: Yes, winos, there’s even a Pimm’s twist for you. This recipe calls for Pimm’s, red rooibos tea, fruity red wine, stone fruit and berries. The wine really pumps up the Pimm’s, giving the cocktail a fuller flavor. (via Young Austinian)

6. Pimm’s Ice-Pops: Turn cocktail hour into dessert with this delicious frozen treat. It’s just the classic Pimm’s Cup recipe, but frozen on a stick! (via Shutterbean)

7. Pimm’s and Sherry: Sherry’s not just for little old ladies: it goes great with Pimm’s! Its alcohol content is typically pretty low, so go ahead and have two. (via Bon Appetit)

8. Pimm’s and Pomegranate: Besides elevating the classic recipe and making it taste even fruitier, adding pomegranate makes it look pretty. Hey, when it comes to cocktails, looks count! (via NPR)

9. Pimm’s Orange Soda Float: If you want something frothier, whip up a shake instead of a cocktail by blending up Pimm’s, orange soda, vanilla ice cream, orange slices and ice. (via Babble)