Considering it has the word “play” in it, it’s a no-brainer that the playroom should be the most fun room in the house. “Grown up” rooms like the living room, kitchen and den just don’t inspire kids the way a bright, imaginative playroom can. Get their imagination spinning and their creativity soaring with these playtime-inspired pieces. It might just bring out the kid in you, too!

1. Comic Book Font Lettering: Your kids will feel like they’re the ultimate comic book superheroes with a cool, personalized wall decal. (via Apartment Therapy)

2. Rock Pillows ($90+): At first glance, it might look like a pile of oversized stones, but the “rocks” are actually pillow soft. Not only do they create a fun, safe way to have a pillow fight, but they’ll also teach your kids to think of everyday objects in new, creative ways.

3. Inflatable Chair: Heck yes, inflatable furniture is back. Now your kid can feel the same way you did when you were watching “Genie In A Bottle” on MTV. (via Tehila Guy)

4. Grow-With-Me Table: Kids grow crazy fast, but Dot and Cross makes sure you get your money’s worth out of the furniture you buy. The tabletop on this table can be raised as your child experiences growth spurts. Genius, right? It’s also long enough to fit quite a few aspiring artists around the table. (via Fast Company)

5. Rubik’s Cube Table: How much cooler is this Rubik’s Cube piece than a plain old end table? Stash books and toys in the open squares to solve your clutter crisis. (via Melody x)

6. Chalkboard Walls: Pretty much every kid feels the urge to doodle all over the walls. Chalkboard walls give them the opportunity to scribble away without you freaking out. Crisis averted. (via Design-59)

7. Indoor Hammock ($60): Who says hammocks are just for beach vacations and backyards? Bring the fun inside with a soft swinging hammock. Bonus: It helps kids develop their balancing skills.

8. Nintendo Coffee Table ($3,500): Sure, this one might be slightly out of your price range, and you might have to explain to your kids what this table is meant to resemble (sad, we know), but you’ll definitely be the coolest mom on the block with this made-to-order furniture piece.

9. Giant Post-It Note Table: As if this Post-It note table wasn’t revolutionary enough, it’s on wheels. If you’re making dinner, just scoot this baby into the kitchen and your child can draw while you cook. Amazing. (via Craziest Gadgets)

10. Playing Card Table ($220): Like puns much? Whether you use this furniture piece as a TV stand or an actual card table, it’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

11. Cheeseburger Bean Bag ($98): Not only will every kid go crazy for this bean bag chair, but it’s also super comfy and sure to withstand any especially reckless adventures in the playroom.

12. Playroom Teepee ($159): Your little explorer will love setting up camp with a colorful tent. Indoor camping and s’mores, anyone?

13. Flipable Furniture: Multipurpose furniture is essential when it comes to kids. This table creates various seats and shelves depending on how you position it. (via Torafu)

14. Coloring Table ($377): This coloring table not only gives your little artist a place to create, but it also offers lots of storage to stash art supplies, cutting down on clutter.

Do you have a favorite playroom must-have that didn’t make the list? Enlighten us in the comments.