By now we’re all, “Drip coffee who?”and pour-over coffee-obsessed. But when you’re running late for work and just need you morning fix, standing there while the barista slowly pours boiling water over fresh ground coffee, letting the water activate the grinds before adding enough water to make a full cup can be, in short, painful.


That’s why Poursteady was born. It’s an app-enabled tool that lets one barista make five pour-overs in five minutes, controlling the temperature of the water and modifying the pour for the diameter and absorption rate of each coffee to get that perfect flavor.

Poursteady’s CEO Stephan Von Muelhen isn’t trying to totally change the coffee industry. In fact, he and his team were more interested in robotics. But when the idea for Poursteady came along, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Now machines can be found in select cafes in New York.


Interested cafes and coffee shop owners (or home coffee enthusiasts) can sign up for Poursteady Beta for a chance to get involved in the project. In the meantime, you can let these coffee masters serve the good stuff at your next big event. Coffee-themed wedding, anyone?


What do you think of this new machine? Would you drink coffee made from Poursteady? Tell us below!

(h/t Cool Hunting)