*So* happy to be saying “I Do” to your honey but soooo not into adding another set of dishes to your crowded cabinets? Or maybe you lovebirds are minimalists at heart who want nothing more than to travel the world with your backpacks and each other. For whatever reason, if setting up a traditional registry just isn’t your thing, take heart: There are plenty of sites out there that are ready to help you curate a collection of perfect-for-you things. Whether it’s charitable contributions, travel experiences, or just gifts that don’t come from a big-box store, these nine sites will hook you up with what you really want. And truly, isn’t that what your guests want too?

1. The Good Beginning: Engaged couples can use this online registry to choose the charity (or charities!) they want to help and to create a registry that makes it easy for their guests to donate right through the site. After the wedding date, The Good Beginning writes a check to each nonprofit in the name of the couple. It’s the perfect way to start off your marriage by giving back.

2. Zankyou: Guests uncomfortable giving you cash? No stress. Fill your registry with items picked from their catalog: When guests pick their favorites, Zankyou will send you the cash to buy it. Don’t see what you want? You can add literally anything you want so long as you have a picture to upload and a price to pair it with. (Hello, antique dresser from your favorite, extremely not-online boutique.)

3: Wedding Wire: No one store fits your needs or your eclectic aesthetic? Choose to add items from all your favorite stores (hello, Target! What’s up, Wayfair?) and personalize your registry all in one place. And you can pair it with your personalized wedding website to give your event a cohesive feel.

4. Simple Registry: It’s all in the name! Here you’re able to put any item from anywhere all in one place. You can even add non-tangible stuff like cooking classes, indoor skydiving sessions, or a donation to your favorite charity.

5. Zola: This site has gifts galore, but it also has a ton of cool features. Think group gifting for your college roommates to split that one big-ticket item and price matching so that your guests are always getting the most bang for their buck.

6. The Knot: You already use The Knot for planning advice and making a gorgeous wedding website, why not stay a little longer and create a customized registry too? Make it your one-stop shop for inspiration, checklists, and registry must-haves.

7. Amazon: Scrolling through Amazon and adding things to your cart just got SO much better now that other people are buying them, right? Shop your favorite brands and styles to create a new shared space that is uniquely you.

8. Blueprint Wedding Registry: Gifts, cash, charity donations, and all completely free? Where do we sign up? Blueprint has all of our favorite features at one low cost of free-ninety-nine. Totally wedding budget approved.

9. MyRegistry.com: This wedding, baby, and gift registry works for every occasion. You can use it for your bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, and every celebration for the rest of your life. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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