Oh Siri, how do we love thee? Your sassiness knows no bounds. Plus, an AI would be super boring without an attitude. We know you’ve had a few problems lately and are struggling to keep up with your peers, but you can still do some pretty cool stuff! We recently learned that Siri has the ability to make decisions about Halloween costumes. And most of them are as dad joke-y as you can get, AKA amazing. Here’s what happened when we asked, “What should I be for Halloween?”:

1. Siri had some very distinctive opinions — and yes, they’re mostly tech related.


2. And for everyone who is dreading the holiday, she’s got a science-y solution for you.


3. She totally OWNED the puns. There are proud dads everywhere.


4. She also revealed that the world she lives in sounds awesome.


5. She revealed her kind of, ahem, peculiar tastes.


6. She waxed philosophical.


7. …and mathematical…


8. …and unexpectedly sweet.

Hey Siri, you rock! Maybe you aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed anymore, but your sass game is on POINT.

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