So often, sour cream is relegated to simply being a cooling dollop atop nachos or the creamy base of some of our favorite dips. But much like buttermilk — which has been wrongly typecast as a pancake-only ingredient over the years — there’s so much more to it than that. These 14 recipes showcase a host of other ways that a tubful of sour cream can be put to use. From cookies and cakes to pizza and pasta, there’s a little bit of everything here!

1. New York-Style Cheesecake: We’ve got our forks ready to dig into this classic + creamy cheesecake. (via Brown Eyed Baker)

2. Meatballs Stroganoff: We’re all for swapping out the usual sliced beef with meatballs in this lightened-up stroganoff recipe. (via Hungry Couple)

3. Twisted Cookies: These yeasted cookies are totally worth all the rolling that’s required. Enjoy nibbling on their many crisp layers. (via Cook and Be Merry)

4. Loaded Baked Potato Salad: Wow, this potato salad is loaded with so many delicious treats, like crispy prosciutto, cheddar and fork-tender potatoes, all tossed with an outstanding sour cream + chive dressing. (via The Cozy Apron)

5. Lofthouse Style Soft Sugar Cookies: A generous helping of sour cream mixed into the dough means these sugar cookies will be super soft and fluffy every time. (via Two Peas and Their Pod)

6. Sour Cream and Chive Crackers: Whip up these gluten-free crackers with only four ingredients. Almond meal makes them totally grain-free! (via Low-Carb, So Simple)

7. Chocolate Sour Cream Cake: Four layers of chocolate poundcake are spread with a cream cheese-laced buttercream to create this to-die-for diner cake. (via Hummingbird High)

8. Baked Potato Grilled Cheese: Carbs on carbs! Talk about one indulgent grilled cheese. (via BS’ in the Kitchen)

9. Sour Cream Apple Cake With Brown Sugar Crumble: Serve slices of this apple-studded crumb cake for dessert or breakfast. (via Strawberry Plum)

10. Thick Pancakes: Try these buttermilk-free pancakes next weekend. They’re totally worth waking up for :) (via Scandi Home)

11. Green No Cheese Pizza: Broccoli pesto and sour cream team up to form a flavorful and creamy base layer atop this cheese-free pizza. (via Sugar Et Al)

12. Sour Cream and Chive Drop Biscuits: Enjoy these fluffy, fuss-free biscuits simply slicked with butter or as the foundation for a tasty breakfast sandwich. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

13. Easy, Delicious Tomato Soup: No heavy cream here! Instead, sour cream is stirred in to give this warming tomato soup a touch of luxury. (via Nerds With Knives)

14. Sour Cream and Onion Hemp Millet Crunch Snack: Okay, so there’s none of the usual sour cream from a tub here, but a clever use of soured dairy-free milk, nutritional yeast, plus a few spice cabinet staples, recreates the finger-licking good powder that you find coating chips. (via Vegan Richa)

What recipes have you found that use sour cream as a main ingredient? Let’s share our cultured knowledge with one another in the comments below.