It may seem like the most obvious way to switch up your entire look is to get a haircut. But sometimes, a jaw-dropping chop or a trendy trim just aren’t in the cards — maybe you’ve finally found your signature hairstyle or are trying to grow out those pesky in-your-face hairs — then what do you do to step up your style? We say, take a cue from your fave celebs and color your hair. Whether it’s a pastel dye job that would make a mermaid jeal or more subtle streaks that take your existing color to the next level, these 11 hair colors are the ones to try this spring. Scroll through for all the inspo you need to refresh your ‘do.


1. Honey Gold: Whether you’re a blonde or brunette, give your hair that effortlessly sun-kissed look in an instant with warm honey highlights. To make your features really pop, ask your stylist to concentrate the streaky color around the edges of your face like Jessica Alba and then scatter them throughout the rest of your mane. (Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)


2. Metallic Copper: Carly Rae Jepsen just took Emma Stone’s rusted red locks to the next level, and there’s everything to love about the edgy leap. The hyper-saturated color and glistening metallic sheen (along with her razored chop) proves this the way to make a major statement as a redhead this spring. (Photo via @carlyraejepsen)


3. Mermaid Green: Hilary Duff gives us every reason to let out our inner mermaids. This ocean-inspired green is as chic as the hue gets with gray-blue undertones that make this pastel hue read more sophisticated than most. (Photo via Stephen Lovekin/Getty)


4. Bubblegum Pink: To convey a super-spontaneous, girls-just-wanna-have-fun vibe, look no further than Julianne Hough’s bubblegum pink tresses. That bold, feminine hue is pure fun. (Photo via @julesjhough)


5. Strawberry Gold: For the perfect in between of Carly Rae’s kooky copper and Julianne’s girly pink, ask your stylist for a strawberry gold hue, like Amy Poehler’s brand new color. It mixes the softness of a pastel and the warm tinge of fiery red without raising any eyebrows from HR. (Photo via Jason Merritt / Getty)


6. Chestnut Brown: The red-gold tones in chestnut brown make it the ideal hue for blondes looking to come over to the dark side or for brunettes who want a softer all-over feel. Like Felicity Jones, let the multi-dimensional color do the talking and opt out of additional highlights. (Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)


7. Caramel: For locks 10x more luscious than the rest, consider caramel-colored hair your go-to hue. Take a cue from Emmy Rossum and add copper colored highlights to the bronde hue for extra punch. (Photo via Robin Marchant/Getty)


8. Gray: If you’re a platinum blonde looking to take your almost-white locks somewhere special without too much of a pop, give gray a chance. We love that Dascha Polanco’s ‘do highlights the entire look’s spectrum, from an almost blue gray up top to a lighter “granny gray” in the center to almost silver, over-toned tips. (Photo via Michael Kovac/Getty)


9. Tortoise Shell: The tortoise shell hair trend is all about playing with dimension: go a little bit lighter here, go a little bit darker there, and you’ve got a much more natural-feeling color than a flat-out ombre. Cara Delevingne’s take starts out darker at the roots and switches off between honey and caramel tones down to the ends depending on how the light hits it. (Photo via Ivan Gavan/Getty)


10. Flat Almost Black: For a much more dramatic version of Felicity Jones’ chestnut brown, channel Kendall Jenner with an almost-black hue that keeps its deep tone from root to tip. Play up the single hue with major shine. (Photo via John Sciulli/Getty)


11. Baby Blonde: Take your blonde hair back to basics with a baby blonde color that keeps your teeny tiny roots a slightly deeper hue than the rest of your light locks. Platinum and gold highlights a la Gigi Hadid will give you that all-natural beach babe look that will take you all through summer. (Photo via Michael Kovac/Getty)

Are you dyeing your hair this spring? Tell us what hue you’re eyeing in the comments below.