Between our new desktop wallpapers, our freshened-up spaces and, of course, our wardrobe, we have totally transitioned from dreary winter to sunny (okay, kinda rainy) spring. So what’s next? We’re switching up our makeup routines with the help of some trusty YouTubers. Scroll through to see 12 everyday makeup looks that we’re loving.

1. For a Pop of Color: Add a pop of color to your daily routine with purple eyeshadow. Hey, if Michelle Phan approves, we approve. (via em michelle phan)

2. Full Day at School or Work: Got a full day at school or work to look forward to? Us too. Check out this routine for makeup that will last all day. (via Lauren’s Boutique)

3. Healthy and Glowing: Update your beauty routine by using products to create healthy and glowing skin just in time for the warmer months. Really, what’s not to love about this creation by Tanya Burr? (via Tanya Burr)

4. Simple and Natural: Sometimes, all it takes is filling in your brows to feel like a whole new woman. Need we say more? (via Ms. V Charles)

5. Bronzed and Glowy: You already know that we’re big fans of Zoella around here, and this bronzed and glowy tutorial is just one more reason reason why. Check out this vid to find out how to look like you just spent the whole day in the sun… everyday. (via Zoella)

6. Go Outside Your Comfort Zone: Okay, okay, we might be a little too shy to sport bold lashes and thick liner all day errday, but we totally think you can pull it off just like Erica Fae. (via Erica Fae)

7. Refresh Your Makeup: Freshen up your makeup and go for a natural face with a pop of vibrant pink on the lips. #freshtodeath (via Ingrid Nilsen)

8. 5-Minute Makeup: We’re all about easy, 5-minute makeup at B+C. Check out this tutorial for something that’s super quick, easy and doesn’t require falsies and liquid liner. (via Sonia Castaneda)

9. Use Drugstore Products: Save some moolah and try out more affordable products from the drugstore to create a look that we’re loving: glowing skin, voluminous lashes and a bright lip. (via Fleur De Force)

10. Mauve Lips + Dewy Skin: Have a few too many beauty boxes laying around? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Check out TalkBeckyTalk’s tutorial where she uses products from her favorite subscription box. (via TalkBeckyTalk)

11. Conceal Scars: Nikki Phillippi shows how to use a primer to conceal acne scars and keep your makeup lasting through that spring humidity. Thanks, Nikki! (via Nikki Phillippi)

12. Focus on Eye Makeup: Spend a few extra minutes on your eye makeup to amp up your beauty regimen. Plus, you can easily take this look from day to night. (via Lindsey Hughes)

What products do you use everyday? Share your faves in the comments below!