Whenever we feel like switching up our routine and boosting our creativity, we usually just swap out our desktop or phone wallpaper. And with spring finally here, there鈥檚 no better time to welcome in bright colors and sunshine than with some bold new tech decor. Ditch the stock photo you鈥檝e been staring at all winter and download one of these uber cool designs that will make all your coworkers jealous. From petals and paint swatches to lettering and pineapples, we鈥檝e got 18 free wallpapers that will have you dreaming of warmer days.


1. Splotchy Paint: Unleash your inner artist and throw some paint up on your screen. Maybe just looking at these messy paintings will inspire some creativity. (via Design Love Fest)


2. Pineapple Fest: You say pineapple, we say pi帽a colada. And that makes us pretty happy indeed. (via La Viva Vera)


3. Brighter Days: Get your sunglasses ready; sunny days are coming. (via The Lovely Drawer)


4. Flower Mandala: Not to brag, but we鈥檝e made some pretty fabulous spring wallpapers. Give your tech besties a colorful makeover with our desktop and phone downloads. (via Brit + Co)


5. Taylor Tunes: Just shake it off, shake it off. (via Design Love Fest)


6. Lettering Love: The arrival of spring is the perfect time to clean, refresh, renew and restart any new projects you鈥檝e been putting off all winter. (via Blog Milk)


7. Lemonade: Sunshine makes us think of lemonade and lemon deserts and lemon cocktails鈥 need we go on? (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)


8. Colorful Confetti: Did someone say sprinkles? (via La Viva Vera)


9. You Got This: A little motivation on your desktop will make those Monday mornings that much easier. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)


10. You鈥檙e a Gem: Twinkle, twinkle little diamond. These jewels might inspire you to spruce up your spring wardrobe with some new jewelry. (via The Lovely Drawer)


11. Watercolor Bouquets: You don鈥檛 want your desktop to look disorganized, and this clean white wallpaper inspires us to do some spring cleaning. (via Christina Williams)


12. Nature Collections: Remember when you would fill your pockets with treasures you found on the beach? (via Design Love Fest)


13. Love You: Just because Valentine鈥檚 Day is over doesn鈥檛 mean you stop saying 鈥淚 love you.鈥 (via Molly Maher)


14. Lucky Gold: You can鈥檛 go wrong with a little bit of gold on your phone. (via Lauren Conrad)


15. Watercolor Washes: Soft and delicate, a watercolor background won鈥檛 compete with the piles of files you have on your desktop. It鈥檚 okay, we鈥檙e not judging. (via Something Peach)


16. Pastel Brushstrokes: Looking a little like something out of an art gallery, this modern painting has all the right colors. (via The Lovely Drawer)


17. Free as a Bird: Be confident that wherever you are is exactly where you need to be. (via Make and Tell)


18. Just Bloom: Don鈥檛 dwell on what everyone else is doing. Just do you. (via Coco and Mingo)

Which of these cheery desktops is your favorite? Tell us what your tech is wearing in the comments below!