Some fads come and go, while others refuse to ever die. And, to be quite frank, we are surprised that some have as much staying power as they do. Namely, Pokemon Go. Everybody’s favorite app this past summer just announced that it is partnering with Starbucks and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Over 7,800 Starbucks around the nation will now be PokeStops and gyms. And, perhaps more importantly, Starbucks is going to start serving a Pokemon Go Frappuccino, developed expressly for Trainers. While details about the new Frappuccino were not yet released, the Twitterverse has some ideas:

Yum, corporate greed flavor. My favorite!

JK, you guys. It’s reportedly actually a vanilla, raspberry and blackberry frappuccino. Which sounds pretty fantastic.

And this is what it looks like.

Idk where we’ve all been for the past four months, but we were all obviously not looking in the right places.

So, if you’re still playing Pokemon Go, we just found your new favorite drink. If you’ve long since deleted the app off your phone, maybe just try it anyways? You’ve gotta catch all the Frappuccino flavors on the menu, right?

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(Featured photo via Niantic)