As much as we love meeting up at our favorite restaurants and pools, we’re all about venturing a little outside the box when it comes to what’s on this summer’s date agenda. So if you’re a little tired of spending your time with your SO in a freezing movie theater or the same old happy hour spot, we’ve got some ideas that will keep you both on your toes.


1. Clink, Clink at the Beach (During The Week): Those of us that don’t have a Monday through Friday nine-to-five know that those during-the-week fundays are the way to go. Grab a six-pack of your favorites, your fave beach towel and enjoy a weekday (or “sick day”) off at the beach — no crowds, no problem.

2. Find Your Happy Hour Heaven: A little tired of visiting the same old spots? Do a little investigating and locate a new happy hour spot for your summer refreshments. And if you’d rather have your own private happy hour at home, these cocktail syrups will make fashioning your favorite refreshment a cinch.


3. Go to a Silent Disco: Dance to the beat of your own headphones by going to an outdoor silent disco. Not only will it be a great icebreaker, but you can check out your date’s dance moves early on. (Photo via Hush Concerts)


4. Have a Picnic: There’s no better time than summatime to get to picnicking. DIY some of you own snacks and decorations to put a fun, colorful spin on it.

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5. Row, Row, Row: We love the idea of spending our summer days in the sunshine, but the beach can get a little too crowded at times. If you’re craving some (quiet) fun in the sun, rent a kayak and get a little exercise! Experiencing this quiet time and catching a great glimpse of your city will make for an unforgettable day date. Just don’t forget your favorite shades! (Photo via Brendon Thorne/Getty)

6. Say Cheese: If you are planning on hosting a dinner party or heading out to a friend’s BBQ this week, work together and make some of your very own cheese. Because the couple that makes cheese together stays together, right? Check out this DIY kit to get started.


7. Take a Little (Day) Trip: If the two of you don’t really have time to head off for an entire weekend, take a day off and head somewhere new. And if you need a little inspiration, we have a few ideas

8. Go To a Beer Fest: Grab your favorite cozy and a pretzel necklace and find your next favorite beer at a festival. After a few samples, you’re sure to find something you both love.

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9. Surf’s Up: Summer is a great time to go outside your comfort zone. If you’re lucky enough to live near the coast, take surfing lessons together. Or if that is a little too intense for you both, rent some stand up paddleboards instead. (Photo via Matthew Stockman/Getty)


10. Wake Up Early for a Breakfast Date: Are you both working a little too much to go on a day date? No worries. Wake up a little earlier and shift your date time to the early AM. Preparing a special breakfast (these waffle tacos are one of our faves!) and giving yourself that time to relax and enjoy each other’s company before work will do you both some good.

11. Try a New Pool: There’s nothing wrong with being a creature of habit, but it is summer, so you should explore new place. And don’t forget your pool accessories! We’re obsessed with this underwater camera.

How will you be spending your day dates this summer? Share some more ideas in the comments!