This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday. While fans are passing around the Super Bowl pool grid and making side bets, the only “spread” on my mind will be the food! Super Bowl food has become more challenging in recent years. For example, we’ve gone Paleo in our household, so that means no grains or dairy or added sugar for us, but meats and veggies always get a big thumbs up. I’ll be making several dips that can be scooped with veggie sticks or pita or corn chips, for the non-Paleo among us. And I’m planning a selection of different types of meatballs this year. They are always delicious and easy to eat while we mill about and watch the game. Here are 20 yummy-looking meatball recipes with something for every palate, including a raw vegan truffle recipe for the vegetarians among us.

At the dessert end of the table, you will find me scarfing down Nom Nom Paleo’s Devils on Horseback — prunes stuffed with macadamia nut “ricotta”, wrapped in prosciutto and drizzled in balsamic vinegar. I know, I know! Most people do not think of prunes when they think of dessert, but to my palate these are sweet treats. For a truly decadent sweet, I’ll also be offering my guests WellFed’s all-natural Sweet and Salty Fudge Bombs. If more traditional cakes are what would please your crowd, here are 13 cheer-worthy Super Bowl Desserts, including whoopie pies shaped like footballs.

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