Taylor Swift may be spending most of her time with her friends and famous #girlsquad these days, but that doesn’t keep us from wishing she was secretly back in the studio recording our new fave songs. Well, our wish might be coming true. We just broke down the various clues that point to a new album coming any day, but now Tay’s upcoming Grand Prix performance is seriously hinting at a possible new Taylor Swift album, and we’re so ready for it.

Taylor Swift Grand Prix

Hardcore Swift fans and fast-car lovers may both be aware that Taylor is headlining the Formula 1 Grand Prix concert at the end of October, but what they may not know is that this could be a HUGE hint that the “Bad Blood” singer is ready to drop new music on us during that very gig.

Posting a pic of a racetrack to Instagram, Taylor added a personal message, saying, “See you here October 22,” along with the caption, “Austin, Texas @f1 @cota_official #USGP.”

This being Taylor’s one and only performance this year, October is not only one of the most popular months for musicians to launch new albums, but Taylor has a habit of releasing new music every two years in October. Her last album was (you guessed it!) released two years ago, which means another one is due.

With all of the drama that Taylor’s seen in the past few months and her penchant for turning heartbreak into hit songs, we wouldn’t be surprised at all by a “surprise” album at this point. Though we would be SUPER excited!

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(Photo via Grand Prix)