Colors: We love ’em all. The various hues can inspire scents or be the focus of games and even allow us to feel like kids again, no matter our age. But the latest project coming from the color category of life is courtesy of Pantone shades and mini objects. Prepare for color cuteness.

Tiny PMS Match is a project from designer Inka Mathew, who takes pictures of small, everyday objects and matches them with their Pantone Matching System color. FYI, that’s where the PMS in the name comes from, not that otherPMS ;) After being mesmerized by bright blue Georgia Blue flowers in her front yard, Inka decided to see if there was a Pantone color that matched the petals. Once she discovered the Pantone shade that matched the flower, she took a photo of the Georgia Blue with the Pantone chip, and the Tiny PMS Match project began. Since then she’s found matches for lavender, a marshmallow clover hat, Skittles, a pecan, a lady bug, Ramen noodles, a clam shell and so much more using natural daylight for accuracy. We’re all about twinning, but color matching is even better.

Every matching object + Pantone chip is accompanied by a story about why they are in Inka’s life. She shares a little blurb with each duo shot, which will most likely be expanded on when a hardcover book version of the project hits shelves in spring 2016. Until that coffee table essential makes its debut, be sure to keep an eye on her Tumblr for more colorful double takes.

Which matching Pantone color mini object is your favorite? What everyday object would you want to see matched with its corresponding Pantone color? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Tiny PMS Match)