Last week in our Tiny Spaces video series, we took you to the woods of New Hampshire for an adorable tiny home on wheels. Next up, we’re heading to Brooklyn to get some small-space living inspo from Jacqueline Schmidt and her uber-stylish family home. Tour their 675 square-foot space to see how beautifully curated decor, convertible furniture and lots (and lots) of canvas storage bins can make your small space dreams a reality. Check out Jacqueline’s minimalist space below, and tune in next Tuesday for an Airstream makeover that’s totally worth the vacation days.


Jacqueline’s large living room flows perfectly with minimal furniture and a few statement-making art pieces and light fixtures. To warm it up a bit, she brought in lots of plants, light hues and metallic accents. This makes for one living/dining/everything room that we could totally see ourselves lounging in.


Jacqueline also has a few small space hacks that help this living room feel a lot bigger than it actually is. First, round tables are great, because not only are they cornerless — which is safe for the kiddos — but they also take up less volume. On top of that, Jacqueline’s use of a giant floor-length mirror really does wonders for their large-but-small living room.


Convertible furniture is used in both bedrooms, with Murphy bunk beds for the boys and a Murphy master bed. This allows for flexibility in the rooms and creates more space for the kids to play. Jacqueline also uses canvas storage bins to contain all those toys and knick-knacks. They are her saving grace when guests arrive and she needs to clean up in a hurry.


Whether you’re looking to downsize your life with kids in tow or just want to see how Jacqueline managed to create such a gorgeous and perfectly curated space with only 675 square feet, the video below will inspire you and your family to start living smaller and more functional.

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