Vacation is synonymous with summer, but traveling can really put a damper on your fun. Airports are crowded, flights get delayed and a good snack is hard to find. Keep hanger at bay with these homemade snacks that will easily make it past airport security. From savory options to sweet treats, these recipes will keep you satisfied until you reach your final destination.

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1. Muesli Snacking Cookies: You might not be able to get your morning bowl of muesli through airport security since it is traditionally served with milk, but you can curb your craving with cookies. Not only are these delicious, but they make a satisfying, healthy breakfast. (via The Kitchn)


2. Chocolate Dipped Zucchini Granola Bars: Use up the rest of your zucchini before your trip with these yummy veggie-filled granola bars. Those Nature Valley bars have nothing on these fiber- and protein-packed treats. (via Half Baked Harvest)


3. Heathy Red Velvet Quinoa Brownies: Can you guess what super secret ingredient is used to keep these brownies red color without the food coloring? And helps to sneak in an extra serving of veggies you might miss on your trip? Yup. It’s the beloved beet! (via Simply Quinoa)


4. Slow Cooker Quinoa Energy Bars: No time to bake before your trip? You can make healthy, gluten-free energy bars in your slow cooker while you pack. We love these bars because not only are they perfect for a portable breakfast or snack, but they are full of protein and fiber with the quinoa and chia seeds. (via Food Faith Fitness)


5. Cocoa Dusted Almonds: Curb your chocolate craving at 30,000 feet with a satisfying snack full of healthy fat and protein. A bag of fancy almonds could cost $10 at the airport, but these cost less than a dollar per serving. (via Taste of Zest)


6. Cinnamon Sugar Crunchy Munchies: Do you prefer crunch when it comes to snacking? Made from corn tortillas, with a sprinkle of coconut sugar and cinnamon, these are a delicious 120-calorie gluten-free snack. Pack ’em in a plastic container so they stay intact in your carry-on. (via Fit Foodie Finds)


7. Vegan Chocolate Banana Muffins: Skip the pre-packaged “calorie bomb” muffins and whip up a batch of healthy ones to take on your trip. There’s no added sugar and they’re naturally gluten-free. (via Hummusapien)

8. No-Bake Almond Joy Snack Bites: Do you crave candy when you fly? Skip the Almond Joy and go with these snack bites instead. That way you can save money for a souvenir to bring home. (via How Sweet It Is)


9. Pistachio Hummus: Start your vacation off on a healthy note with cut carrots + celery and a homemade hummus. Making hummus sounds intimidating, but it actually only takes a few minutes, and you probably have all the ingredients at home already. (via The Healthy Maven)


10. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Dough Dip: Looking for a heartier snack post-security? How about fruit and cookie dough dip? Made with chickpeas and sweetened with just raisins and maple syrup, this dip can be served in a recycled plastic carry-out container with your favorite cut fruit. (via Memeinge)

Where are you headed this summer? What are your favorite airport snacks?