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Get the Party Started With This DIY Gold Patterned Tray

This piece acts as a killer focal point for any room.

Home DIY

This DIY Copper Pipe Side Table is Perfect for Small Spaces

This DIY copper pipe side table is the boost your tiny space has been waiting for.

Home DIY

DIY Basics 2.0: Gold-Dipped Bud Vases

Spring is in the air and everything around us is budding! That makes it the perfect time to show off those beautiful blooms in a creative way. So we’re taking one of our all-time favorite DIY basics — the gold-dipped vase — to the next level by using the same, simple technique to make a modern cluster of gold-dipped bud vases. See, good things do come in small packages, especially when they’re tied together to make one big, eye-catching centerpiece :)

Home DIY

Turn a Wooden Box into a Modern Hanging Shelf

Fun and functional are words that totally go together in the world of home storage. But with this DIY hanging shelf, you might also want to add fast and frugal to the list. That’s because we’re turning a basic box into statement shelving using only durable rope and a standard drill. Not so scary, right? Though we wouldn’t call it complete until it’s tricked out with a bright pop of color :) Plus, the entire transformation only takes five steps — that’s fairy godmother-paced turn around time And just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier… it does: there’s no level required to mount this modern shelving unit! Just hang the rope handle onto a single hook and call it a day. It’s a perfect storage solution for renters and dorm-dwellers worried about adding one too many holes in the wall, or even fickle homeowners who change up their decor often.

Home DIY

Show Off Your Sign With Zodiac Constellation Wall Art

One of our favorite things about nail string art is that it’s one of the easiest projects to personalize. And while we’ve created our fair share of custom signs using just nail and string, we haven’t ever thought of tackling that other kind of sign with this DIY basic… until now! Introducing Zodiac constellation nail string art, or, the coolest customizable wall art in the entire universe :) It’s easy to show off your sign using a just a few craft supply staples—white nails serve as stars connected by white string to create the full constellation. Far out!

DIY Beauty

Turn a Backyard Branch into a Color Block Wall Hook

You’ve seen ‘em in the hippest home goods stores. They’ve made you stop and think twice about adding outdoor-sy decor to your pad—come on, they look like a work of art anyway! We’re talking about painted branch wall hooks. And if you haven’t pounced on purchasing this eye-catching piece of home decor yet, you’ll be happy to know it’s easy to get the look using nothing but a branch from your yard (wood scraps FTW!). Toss a few DIY staples into the mix, and you’re well on your way to making this trendy piece for next to nothing.

Home DIY

Make this $78 Clip Organizer for Only $15

With spring fast approaching, now is certainly the time to get things organized and in order. And who couldn’t use a fun new office supply to keep you on task? We certainly swooned over this whimsical clip spring organizer from Anthropologie for that very reason—it’s perfect for displaying photos or memos of what’s next to tackle. But as soon as we saw the price tag of this “online exclusive,” we knew we were met with a challenge to recreate this desk accessory in a much cheaper and more colorful way. Ya’ll ready for our latest installment of DIY Copycat? Spoiler: it costs $63 less and takes only five steps to make—take that “online exclusive!” ;)

Home DIY

Branch Out: Turn a Log into Cute Ombre Coasters

You know those moments when you score a freebie that no one else sees any potential in but you? (Jean scraps! You shouldn’t have!) Well, here we go again. This time, the coveted material we’re going gaga for is a log. That’s right, as soon as we laid our eyes on it we thought this would make an amazing coaster set. Yes, we really do think like that—remember, it’s our job at Brit + Co. to bring out the creative potential in everything (and everyone!).


3 Simple Ways to Make Snow-Inspired Party Lights

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean its time to get rid of your strand lights. Dress them up for winter with a few fun and easy options — paper snowflakes, tissue snowballs, and tulle snowflakes. We could all use a little extra light in our winter days!

Home DIY

How to Turn a Candy Jar into a Terrarium

Who doesn’t love a terrarium? They are so easy to take care of (perfect for those of us that lack a green thumb), are easy to make, and can be planted in just about anything! Apothecary or candy jars make the perfect vessel for a closed terrarium (a terrarium with a lid) and provide some extra room for accessorizing!

Home DIY