We’re well aware who the most followed stars are on Instagram. Hi, Kim, Beyoncé, Taylor, etc.

While those famous women and one man (shoutout to Justin Bieber for holding it down for the dudes) make headlines nearly every time they upload an image to the social media platform, there are plenty of other talented gals making names for themselves on + off Instagram that deserve your follow just as much as North West + Blue Ivy’s mamas do.

Check out 18 badass ladies, some that are making comebacks, some that are making a name for themselves and all worthy of your attention below.

tori kelly

1. Tori Kelly: After slaying in a lacey-shorts combo on the VMAs red carpet and bringing the house down with a powerhouse performance at the awards show, the singer probably popped up on a lot of people’s radars for the very first time Sunday night. Get to know the curly-haired songstress even better, and run, don’t walk, to stream her debut album Unbreakable Smile right this second. Then once you’ve given the 14-track album multiple spins, keep up with the talented lady by following her steady rise to superstardom on Instagram. It’ll be fun to boast about how you knew her back in the day before she made it to Taylor’s level ;) (Photo via @torikelly)

jackie cruz

2. Jackie Cruz: You probably know this Latina solely for her role as Flaca on OITNB, but the actress is way more than just an interesting Litchfield character. She recently led a TEDx Talk discussing overcoming adversity, where she also shared another one of her many talents — she can sing. Once you’re done watching her inspiring speech, pass the time until season 4 (fingers crossed Flaca gets a musical moment) by double tapping all the snaps she shares on the ‘gram. (Photo via @msjackiecruz)

carly rae jepsen

3. Carly Rae Jepsen: You guys, trust me when I say the Canadian singer is SO much more than “Call Me Maybe.” Not only does this mega underrated gal have a fall haircut everyone should be getting, but she also has a brilliantly crafted sophomore album full of ’80s-influenced pop jams (slow + upbeat) perfect for getting down to anytime of the day. Give E•MO•TION a spin or two while you think about your bad decisions in life (aka thinking she was a one-hit wonder) as you scan her Instagram revealing new details about the talented gal — ex. she played Cinderella on Broadway. (Photo via @carlyraejepsen)

normani kordei

4. Normani Kordei: One fifth of Fifth Harmony, this gorgeous gal is making a name for herself outside of the girl group. One of those ways is her ever-changing + trendsetting hairstyles, like gray highlights. Need another reason to become obsessed with her? She’s got plenty. Aside from her obvious vocal talents, after hitting the follow button you’ll discover Normani is a talented dancer (with a side dancing project) as well as a super fierce model, among many many other things. (Photo via @normanikordei)

gina rodriguez

5. Gina Rodriguez: The star of Jane the Virgin should be a household name by now (seriously, why isn’t she?!). After one of the most eloquent speeches in Golden Globes history and a full season of dramatic and comedic performances on The CW show, this lady should be on the cover of every mag and starring in all the commercials and films. Since she isn’t (yet), make her a well-known name in your circle of friends at least by getting a peek inside her world and sharing the light that is Gina with all your friends + fam. (Photo via @hereisgina)

keke palmer

6. Keke Palmer: The singer-actress will next be spotted on this fall’s new series Scream Queens. Aside from providing plenty of watercooler moments once the drama premieres, the brilliant star has also made a name for herself starring in Cinderella on Broadway (yep, just like CRJ), releasing a slew of catchy songs and looking straight up gorgeous in the process. Now go double tap her photos as you get to prepping your voice so you can scream along with her during her next starring role. (Photo via @kekepalmer)


7. Jojo: Famous for the early ’00s hit song “Leave (Get Out)” —this singer is so much more than that. After battling with her record label for years, the R&B crooner is back with a vengeance with her just-released #tringle (essentially an EP). Check up on her Instagram account for endless style inspo, updates on new music and many moments of FOMO. Seriously, you’re gonna wish you could be this lady’s BFF. (Photo via @iamjojo)

simone biles

8. Simone Biles: The American gymnast is quickly making a name for herself in the gymnastics world just in time to head to next year’s Olympics in Rio. Follow her now so you can join her on the epic journey that is sure to come and see it all from humble beginnings to a (fingers crossed) gold medal-winning moment. (Photo via @simonebiles)

bindi irwin

9. Bindi Irwin: The daughter of the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin sure has grown up fast. Making a big return splash into the public eye this fall on Dancing With the Stars, popping up in magazines and following in her animal-loving parents footsteps by giving a voice to wild animals, this Aussie young lady is very busy. By the looks of her wildlife snaps, eco-friendly moments and glam OOTDs, Bindi’s future is promising. She’s sure to make her parents proud. (Photo via @bindisueirwin)

leona lewis

10. Leona Lewis: After taking the world by storm more than a handful of years ago with her debut mega hit single “Bleeding Love,” this singer has stalled a bit. Now the Brit is back once more with a fresh sound, a new record label and a just-as-gorgeous-as-ever face. Follow her comeback on Instagram and give her new tunes endless spins, because they will light a fire under your feet. (Photo via @leonalewis)

sofia richie

11. Sofia Richie: Nicole Richie’s lil sis is starting to make a name for herself at a super young age, resulting in a must-follow Instagram account. Breaking into the modeling world c/o her standout looks and must-copy hairstyles, as well as becoming a steady source of comedy on big sis Nicole’s VH1 show Candidly Nicole, she’s carving out multiple avenues to entertain the masses as she approaches adulthood. (Photo via @sofiarichie)

amandla stenberg

12. Amandla Stenberg: The Hunger Games actress has become an exciting young voice in Hollywood. In between staying busy with film roles and looking fab on Instagram, the teenager has addressed cultural appropriation on multiple occasions, bringing a wider perspective to the issue from an unlikely yet fresh voice. Talented, gorgeous and smart? This gal has got it all. (Photo via @amandlastenberg)

kaia gerber

13. Kaia Gerber: We’ve already shared our newfound love of Cindy Crawford’s destined-for-supermodel-status daughter. Peep into the life of the next generation of modeling (think Gigi/Kendall/Karlie/Cara’s mini me) as she preps to take over runways and magazine spreads and grows her own squad in the process through the social media platform. (Photo via @kaiagerber)

Gabby Sidibe

14. Gabourey Sidibe: Famous for her intense portrayal as Precious in the film with the same name, this Oscar-nominated actress has stayed very busy since that film debut. The talented lady (who’s also a riot on Twitter, FYI) has consistently remained in our presence by switching between drama and comedy roles, and can currently be seen on both FOX’s Empire and HULU’s Difficult People. And now your Instagram feed. (Photo via @gabby3shabby)

betty who

15. Betty Who: You may remember this singer’s breakout jam “Somebody Loves You” from that Home Depot marriage proposal. If that’s all you know about her, you are truly missing out. Since that video went viral, the Aussie native has been busy traveling the world promoting her ear worm of a debut album while making the bleach blonde short ‘do look fab along the way. Hitch a ride and join her journey and you’ll never be asking “Betty, who?” again. (Photo via @iambettywho)


16. Serayah: This fly girl is way more than just a T.Swift squad member. The actress can be found on FOX’s Empire while also slaying red carpets and photo shoots nonstop in between prepping an album release of her very own. Join in on all of her BTS action (you know you wanna feel like one of the squad) by following her fab uploads online. (Photo via @serayah)

rowan blanchard

17. Rowan Blanchard: She is the girl on Girl Meets World. Aside from being one of the stars of the Disney Channel series, the 13-year-old actress is impressing the world in many other ways. She recently made the news rounds by sharing an essay pertaining to white feminism that was more eloquent than her age would suggest while also giving us fashion inspo for days, which is all bundled up beautifully within her Instagram account. Seriously, we wish we knew how to rock outfits and speak as well as she does when we were teens. Regardless, we’ll take all the help we can get from her now, stylistically and socially speaking. (Photo via @rowanblanchard)

yara shahidi

18. Yara Shahidi: The young Black-ish actress has people talking for numerous reasons. She’s suuuuuuuper funny on the ABC sitcom and is turning into a budding fashionista, providing hair, makeup and style inspo for days. Tune in to her feed and you’ll be getting endlessly entertaining and aspirational moments to fill your time between episodes of her hit series. (Photo via @officialyarashahidi)

Which ladies from this list are you going to follow immediately (it’d better be all of them)? Let us know in the comments.