For many moms-to-be, a maternity shoot is a great way to capture some of the memories of being pregnant. Some find moments of calm before the craziness that will become their lives with a newborn, while others opt for quirky DIY experiences that show off their personality. And some, as we have just learned, become mermaids.


Photographer Adam Opris is a self-described lifestyle photographer by day and underwater photographer by night. His latest project is turning expecting mothers into mermaids (or as we like to call them, mer-moms). The results are ethereal, magical and utterly beautiful.


While some of the photos feature husbands and children making an appearance, we’re personally fans of the pictures that feature the moms front and center in all their glory. Draped in flowing silks — and might we say some epic heels — these lovely ladies get an inspirational moment in the sunny spotlight.


And how’s this for a fun fact: Apparently pregnancy makes your body more buoyant, so all those graceful, dancer-like poses? They’re totally au naturel.


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(h/t Bored Panda)