Everyone loves a good smoothie — it’s creamy, packed with flavor and oh-so satisfying on a hot day. But if you’re tired of the standard milk-based recipes and want something different, a lassi is the way to go. A traditional Indian drink, lassis are made with a yogurt base and aromatic spices and can be either sweet or savory. The most popular version is mango, and while that is undeniably delicious, there are so many other delicious flavor combos to try out. Here are 13 new lassi recipes that go beyond the OG mango.


1. Blueberry Coconut Lassi: Blended blueberries have the most amazing mauve color to them, and we love the idea of serving this drink up in old-school milk bottles. (via Cook Republic)


2. Cantaloupe Coconut Lassi: Here, sweet cantaloupe is infused with tons of coconut flavor and just a hint of spice with cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom. (via How Sweet It Is)


3. Saffron Cardamom Lassi: Forgo the fruit entirely for a traditional spice-filled recipe that looks almost too pretty to drink. (via Whisk Affair)


4. Rose Lassi: Rose is a flavor that’s very common in Indian desserts, including lassis. Top the drink with edible rose petals to take the presentation up a notch. (via Veg Recipes of India)


5. Caramel Espresso Lassi: If it’s too hot out for a hot beverage but you simply can’t live without your coffee, a lassi take on an iced coffee is the perfect refresher. (via Cook Republic)


6. Peach and Papaya Lassi: This is another great way to let those summer fruits shine. Ripe papaya gives this smoothie its rich color and the nutritious peach skin adds little flecks of red. (via Spice Chronicles)


7. Masala Spiced Roasted Beet Lassi: Feeling adventurous? Try out this beet and masala-spiced recipe for a savory version of the lassi. (via Easy Food Smith)


8. Green Tea Turmeric Lassi With Papaya: This is a drink that not only tastes good but will also boost your immunity and soothe a sore throat. Green tea and turmeric have anti-inflammatory properties and papaya is full of that much-needed vitamin C. (via Eat Laugh Drink)


9. Creamy Avocado Lassi: Aah, avocados… is there anything you can’t do with this super fruit? Their creamy consistency makes them perfect for lassis and smoothies alike. (via The Kitchn)


10. Chocolate Lassi: Dark chocolate, Nutella and cocoa powder make this a chocolate lover’s dream. Top with toasted almonds for an extra crunchy element. (via Flavors of Mumbai)


11. Custard Apple Lassi: If you haven’t tried a custard apple before, we promise you it’s as delicious as it sounds. There are a lot of seeds to get through but it is well worth the effort to get to the sweet, luscious and custard-y fruit. (via 84th & 3rd)


12. Lychee-Ginger Lassi and Pineapple Lassi: Why choose between these delicious flavors when you can just make them both? Both recipes are easy and perfect to whip up for your next party. (via Food Fashion Party)


13. Blood Orange Lassi: Don’t settle for a regular orange when you can have a blood orange. This grown-up lassi is packed with citrusy flavors from fresh orange slices, orange blossom water and a splash of orange liqueur. (via Kiran Tarun)

Have you tried any delicious lassi recipes? Share your favorites with us in the comments below.