Here’s how your day will go. Start with a Valentine’s Day breakfast-in-bed. Though you may have to work, come 5pm, those Champagne cocktails will be flowing. All that’s left now is to plate your dinner, and your lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day can commence. If you want to make things slightly easier on yourself, try making your feast in a slow cooker prior to leaving the house for work. To get some romantic dinner ideas, check out the impressive Valentine’s Day recipes below. We don’t have to know what happens after that. Wink.

1. Slow-Cooker Mac + Cheese: Load up your slow cooker with pasta, cheeses, butter, milk, and spices, and a few hours later, you’ll be in comfort-food heaven. (via Brit + Co)

2. Slow-Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup: This soup is packed with extra veggies and aromatic herbs for flavor overload. (via Brit + Co)

3. Slow-Cooker Stroganoff: Win your loved one’s heart by making them a dish that tastes exactly like the stuff Grandma used to make. (via Brit + Co)

4. Veggie Grain Bowl: Just because you or your honey are veg, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a thing. A yogurt topping and fresh herbs makes this meal all the more fancy. (via Brit + Co)


5. Crock-Pot Crispy Caramelized Pork Ramen Noodle Soup: For leftovers, keep all of the components separate until you make your bowl so that everything stays crispy for later. (via Half Baked Harvest)

garlic chicken

6. Slow-Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies: Sweet and savory combine in this mouth-watering dish that makes a balanced Valentine’s Day dinner. (via Damn Delicious)

7. Slow-Cooker Chicken Coconut Curry: This creamy chicken curry is full of veggies, chickpeas, and coconut milk for a riff on Indian tikka masala. (via The Lemon Bowl)


8. Parmesan Basil Tomato Soup: The nostalgia-factor of tomato soup alone is enough to win someone’s eternal love. For extra cuteness, use a cookie cutter to serve heart-shaped grilled cheese on the side. (via Little Spice Jar)

pineapple chicken

9. Slow-Cooker Pineapple Chicken: Garnish with sesame seeds and spoon over rice for a tropical staycation vibe. (via Damn Delicious)

10. Slow-Cooker Asian Short Ribs: Let the slow cooker do all the work on the short rib sauce while you sit back and reap all of the benefits. (via Damn Delicious)

11. Slow-Cooker Thai Chicken Soup: Full of curry flavor and fresh veggies, this soup does not disappoint. (via Show Me The Yummy)

12. Slow-Cooker Beef and Broccoli: Who needs Chinese takeout when you can stay in? (via Damn Delicious)


13. Creamy Portobello Chicken: If cooking isn’t your strong suit (even in the slow cooker), this three-ingredient portobello chicken will ease your mind. Just throw chicken breasts, cream of chicken soup, and baby bella mushrooms in the Crock-Pot. No one has to know. (via Cutefetti)


14. Slow-Cooker Deep Dish Pizza: First of all, how excited are you that you can make pizza in the slow cooker? Second, you can never go wrong with making a pizza on V-Day, ever. (via A Spicy Perspective)

15. Slow-Cooker French Onion Soup: To make this slow-cooker soup seem more impressive, ladle into oven-safe bowls and top with a ton of Gruyere cheese. Pop them under the broiler for a minute or two and voila! Fancy French soup in a flash. (via Creme de la Crumb)

16. Slow-Cooker Parmesan Herb Chicken and Orzo: For the picky date you’re afraid to cook for, you can’t go wrong with herbed chicken and orzo. It’s safe and delicious and, most importantly, easy. (via Creme de la Crumb)


17. Crock-Pot Carne Asada Nachos: Not everyone wants a five-star fancy dinner for Valentine’s Day. Go casual with a massive bowl of these steak nachos and a six-pack of beer. (via How Sweet Eats)

18. Slow-Cooker Cornish Hens: Nothing says “I love you” quite like cooking a whole chicken for your partner. (via Fit Slow Cooker Queen)


19. Crock-Pot Teriyaki Chicken: If you and your bae are normally takeout menu fiends, treat him or her to an epic homemade version of their go-to teriyaki chicken. (via Well Plated)

20. Slow-Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala: There’s nothing better than the scent of dinner greeting you when you walk in the door, amirite? (via The Lemon Bowl)

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Additional reporting by Lena O’Neal