There were a lot of memorable moments from this year’s Super Bowl — we’re talking about Lady Gaga’s subtly political performance and the Stranger Things season two trailer, natch — but one particular part of the night still has peeps buzzing in a totally viral way. When 84 Lumber’s commercial hit the air, folks were stunned. Little did they know that the full commercial was in fact censored and was even more controversial than the one that had viewers talking. Check out the full uncensored version below and find out why folks are calling to #boycott84lumber.

84 Lumber commercial

With a 30-second Super Bowl ad that cost an estimated $5 million to produce, 84 Lumber was certainly prepared to make a point. Their ad, titled “The Journey Begins,” features a Mexican mother and daughter on a long and difficult journey to the US. In the final image of the commercial we see the woman and child holding hands while text directs us to “See the conclusion at”

However, on the website, we not only get the ending of the story, but we can see the full uncensored version in which a wall crushes the mother’s hopes while attempting to keep her and her child out of America. Deemed too controversial by Fox, they insisted that the clip without the wall be shown instead.

84 Lumber, a 61-year-old family-run company, says that the commercial is meant as a recruiting tool, and a kickoff to their yearlong campaign.

Watch the entire journey below and decide for yourself.

As for folks on the internet, while some loved the gesture…

There are those who are pretty unhappy about the company’s take and are calling to #boycott84lumber.

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(h/t Advertising Age; photo via 84 Lumber)