It may be really difficult to imagine your big day without that special person in your life to celebrate with. With everything on your mind, you’ll still be thinking of your parent, grandparent, close friend or family member who won’t be present. Honor them at your wedding with these unique-yet-tasteful DIY wedding ideas that will keep them close to your heart.


1. Incorporate Their Fave Florals into Your Table Setting: What’s a better tribute than beautiful blooms? Garnish your centerpiece with the beloved flowers of your dearest, whether it was always growing in their garden, or simply a variety that reminds you of them. (via Vis Photography)


2. Frame a Portrait of Her Wedding Day: A photo is worth a thousand words. Express your endearment through a special photo and have your photographer capture an intimate moment with you and your loved one. Celebrate multiple people by creating an entire photo display table of weddings past. (via Riverland Studios)


3. Add a Charm to Your Bouquet: As you walk down the aisle and pose for pictures, hold a memory of them in your hands with a locket-inspired piece tied around your flowers. You can even attach a locket to the groom’s boutonniere. (via Kriea Arie)


4. Sew a Note into Your Gown: Keep them close throughout the day by sewing a meaningful handwritten letter or card into your dress. You can copy the note onto softer fabric so it lays nicely underneath. (via Janine Sept Photography)


5. Light a Symbolic Lantern: Let their light shine over your ceremony or reception with a rustic lantern centerpiece. Leave a note so family members can honor them as well. (via Closer to Love Photography)


6. DIY Your Something Blue With a Memory Token: Create a custom pin for inside your dress with all original materials. Maybe there’s a charm they always wore or handed down to you, or even an old keepsake from their home. Add it to this DIY piece to keep them with you when you say your I dos. (via Something Turquoise)


7. Donate to Charity in Their Honor: Cut back on your budget and use saved money to donate to the cause of your choice, or have guests donate in lieu of a wedding gift. Even just replacing favors will make a hefty contribution. Either way, you’ll be giving back in someone special’s honor. (via Morgan Lamare Photography)


8. Wear a Personalized Photo Locket: Keep your loves close to your heart by wearing them around your neck. Insert a fave photo or even a touching quote or song lyric to remember them by. (via Annie Hanshew/Hatch)


9. Save a Seat: For those who will be attending your wedding in spirit, honor them with a seat display. Add a framed photo, note or poem and flowers. It will be a reminder during your ceremony that they are with you. (via Caroline Joy Photography)

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10. Light a Candle: Here’s a traditional tribute that’s tailored for an outdoor theme with a chalkboard memo, moss and tree pedestal. You can create a candle memorial with materials that fit your wedding theme, whether it is romantic, boho or rustic. (via Our Labor of Love)


11. Personalized Photo Cufflinks: Share a loved one’s memory on your sleeve with a personalized photo cufflink set. Custom made with whichever photo you prefer, these will keep you smiling and remembering lost ones throughout the day. (via Little Gem Girl/Etsy)


12. Create a Photo Collage: Display a gallery of photos of loved ones from both sides at your reception. If your wedding is nature-themed or a backyard celebration, this is a great DIY project for remembering multiple family members not present on your special day. (via Equally Wed)


13. Hold a Lantern Release: Light up the sky with beautiful, bright lanterns while tributing to those who couldn’t be there on your special day. Guests can release the lanterns with a wish or the thought of a loved one. (via Katelyn James Photography)


14. Wear a Shoe Charm: Customizable shoe charms are a great way to keep someone close to you as you walk down the aisle. This touch will make your wedding shoes much more special. (via Bouquet Photo Charms/Etsy)

How do you plan on honoring loved ones at your wedding? Leave a comment and let us know!