If you’ve been to any weddings lately, you know that the cocktail truck and food truck craze is on a roll. Literally. By constantly creating new specialties with bold flavors and modern twists on popular classics, it has never been so easy to grab a delicious meal or cocktail at one of these magic wedding vendors on wheels. Any couple looking to mix things up on their wedding day should take it to the next level by having their local favorites serve up dinner, dessert, signature cocktails or some much-needed late-night eats. Located all over the country, these food and cocktail trucks are ready and waiting to make your party *that* much better. Time to jump on the bandwagon… err, truck!

Joielala Photographie

1. Miho Catering Gourmet Food Truck: This isn’t your average burger-and-fries joint. By sourcing local and fresh ingredients from San Diego, every dish from Miho Catering is made with love and care. You’ll be impressed with the distinctive spin on your favorite classics that come out of this cute truck. Mini lobster roll, anyone? (Photo via Green Wedding Shoes / Joielala Photographie)

Tom Collins Caravan Bar

2. Tom Collins Signature Cocktail Truck: This mobile Melbourne cocktail bar is making us think of Drunk in Love in a new (and way classier) way. Known for its iconic gin cocktails, it’s sophistication and charm all bundled up into the perfect caravan and delivered right to your wedding venue. Work with their professional team to create your own signature cocktail to start the celebration off right. (Photo via Tom Collins Caravan Bar)


3. MexiCalbi Taco Food Truck: These days, good tacos are *everything*. This LA and Orange County-based truck expertly blends the traditional tastes of your favorite Mexican tacos with the authentic flavors of Korean BBQ to create a match made in foodie heaven. Set up your own DIY margarita bar and you’ve got yourself a fiesta! (Photo via MexiCalbi)

Zac Wolf

4. Roxy’s Grilled Cheese Food Truck: You’ve been dancing all night, and now you have that hankering for something ooey, gooey and extra cheesy. Luckily, you planned ahead and parked this beauty right outside those reception doors. Located in Boston, this truck is full of our two favorite ingredients: bread and cheese. What’s not to love? (Photo via Zac Wolf)


5. Street Hot Dog Stand: Forgot to book a food truck for your wedding? No biggie. If you’re tying the knot in a big city like Austin, NYC or Portland, there are food trucks aplenty for you to scope out and take your pick from. Your choice of cuisine really is unlimited. Just be sure to grab extra napkins when you’re chowing down! (Photo via Forever Photography Studio)

Abby Jiu Photography

6. Carpe Donut Food Truck: Everyone loves dessert. Give your guests a little sugar high beyond wedding cakes with this Virginia-based organic donut truck that makes hot and delicious donuts right on the spot! Dusted with crispy cinnamon sugar, you do(nut) want to deprive your guests of this downright delicious food truck. Trust us. (Photo via Abby Jiu Photography)

Happy Camper Pizza

7. Happy Camper Pizza Food Truck: Pizza is the go-to late night food for, well, just about everyone. This family-run business creates their pizzas with fresh and seasonal ingredients that will have your mouth watering just looking at the menu. Bonus: The Melbourne-based food truck comes complete with garden games and colorful umbrellas to create that true backyard feel. (Photo via Happy Camper Pizza)

Jihan Abdalla Photography

8. In-n-Out Food Truck: Living on the West Coast sure does have its perks, and In-n-Out is definitely one of them. If you’re getting married in California, you can get the same hamburgers, cheeseburgers and double-doubles from everyone’s favorite drive-thru served at your wedding. This will make those late-night fast food runs less of a hassle. We’ll take two. Animal style, please. (Photo via Wedding Chicks / Jihan Abdalla Photography)

The Duke Truck

9. The Duke Customizable Bar Truck: This hip, vintage mobile bar and bartending service will have your guests lining up for their next drink. Located in Napa Valley and Scottsdale, this full-service truck will bring everything you need, including the bartenders, music and lighting, to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. (Photo via The Duke Truck)

The Big Waffle Truck

10. The Big Waffle Food Truck: Located in Bismark, ND, this waffle truck serves everything from pulled pork waffle sandwiches to sweeter options covered in whipped cream and sprinkles. Piled high with toppings and made with only the freshest ingredients, these fluffy waffle creations will have your guests getting in line for seconds… and thirds. (Photo via The Big Waffle Truck)

The Silver Seed

11. The Silver Seed Vegan Food Truck: Planning an all-vegan menu can be difficult, so let someone else do the work! This vegan food truck located in Colorado is famous for their delicious squash tacos and thirst-quenching beet lemonade. Vegan or not, your friends and family will love the creative and yummy options that will fill them up for a fun evening of dancing and laughing. (Photo via The Silver Seed)

Arrowood Photography

12. DIY Food Truck: Are you the queen of crafts and won’t settle for anything but the best? Set up your own little food truck for your guests! Fill it with homemade desserts, create a pie buffet or build a little make-your-own cupcake station that everyone from your flower girl to your grandma will enjoy. (Photo via Mod Wedding / Arrowood Photography)

Kanashay Photography

13. Polly’s Parlour VW Bus Ice Cream Truck: Nothing says vintage chic quite like a baby pink Volkswagen Bus. Fill that bus with yummy ice cream and sorbet, and you have an instant quirky dessert for your English wedding. (Photo via Kanashay Photography)

Lucky Lab Coffee Company

14. Lucky Lab Coffee Food Truck: Don’t forget about the morning after! Refuel your guests with a good cup of joe as a post-wedding send off that will make them happy and nostalgic for all the memories made. Located in Austin, this food truck also serves extra chocolatey brownie bites. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a win-win. (Photo via Lucky Lab Coffee Company)

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