No longer just the stuff of Cinco de Mayo soirees and kids’ birthday bashes, piñatas are a fun and festive addition to a wedding — the biggest, most spectacular party you’ll ever host. Best of all, they’re not just for busting open anymore (though that’s still a totally fun idea). Crafty couples are now also turning piñatas into guest books, photo props, ceremony backdrops, place cards and more. Ready to add a little fiesta-like flair to your big day? Check out these 19 playful piñatas that are sure to be a huge hit with guests of all ages.

Pinata Ceremony Backdrop

1. Piñata Ceremony Backdrop: Skip the traditional flower arch and say “I do” under a colorful collection of piñatas. We love the rainbow of vibrant shades seen here, along with the different shapes and sparkly streamers. Choose three or four of your own favorite designs to create a custom backdrop unlike any other. (via Scene-Setter)

Mini Heart Pinata Favors

2. Mini Heart Piñatas ($50 for 5): Mini heart piñatas are an unexpected choice for place cards. Buy a batch of these little lovelies and set your own custom-made name cards on top.

Pinata Guest Book

3. DIY Piñata Guest Book: Of all the unconventional guest books we’ve seen (surf boards, records, holiday ornaments!), this fringe-covered piñata just might be our all-time fave. Not digging the quirky collection of colors? Go ahead and customize to better match your scheme. (via Mike Carreiro Photography)

Italic Letter Pinata

4. DIY Italic Letter Piñata: Whether you fill it with candy or simply use it to decorate your chair during the reception, this italic letter piñata is a truly avant-garde addition to your day. And if a single letter doesn’t wow you enough, you can even go all out by creating a three-letter monogram. (via Heather Zweig)


5. Mini Piñata Table Decor: Get festive by adding mini piñatas to a fiesta-inspired tablescape. This tiny neon creation looks super cute alongside cacti and vibrant blooms in a matching color palette. (via Wild Whim Design + Photography)

Mini Heart Pinata

6. DIY Mini Heart Piñatas: Prefer to DIY your mini heart piñatas? Use old cereal boxes to create these tiny treasures that will look great hanging from the backs of chairs during the ceremony or reception. You can also fill them with candy and give them out as festive favors. (via Bespoke Bride)

Conversation Heart Pinatas

7. DIY Conversation Heart Piñatas: Get the conversation buzzing by displaying these adorable piñatas throughout your reception space. Modeled after everyone’s favorite candy hearts, they’re an especially perfect choice for couples tying the knot on or close to Valentine’s Day. (via Studio DIY)

Pink Heart Pinata

8. Pink Heart Piñata ($65): We totally “heart” this pretty pink piñata, along with the surrounding display of vases and vintage teacups. Don’t think this sweet style is quite right for your wedding? You can always ask friends to recreate the look for your bridal shower instead.

Amor Letters Pinata

9. Large Letter Piñatas: Love. Amor. Amore. Whatever you call it, it’s sure to be in the air, and all around, when you spell out your feelings in giant piñata letters. Major props if you also use a heart instead of an “o,” as seen here. (via Lilia’s Photography)

Gold Pinata

10. Glitzy Gold Piñata: Bring on the sparkle and glitz! A gold piñata stuffed with colorful confetti is just right for any swanky celebration. (via Jel Photography)

Wedding Date Pinata

11. Wedding Date Piñata: A piñata marked with your wedding date makes for a cool photo prop on the big day itself, or even when capturing save-the-date pictures during your engagement shoot. Swap in the word “thanks,” and you’ve also got a great cover image for custom-made thank-you cards. (via Heather Roth Fine Art Photography)

Star Pinata

12. Shining Star Piñata: Everyone knows you’re the star of the show on your wedding day, so why not drive home the point by displaying one truly stellar piñata? This lovely creation even features shiny gold tassels that add just the right amount of sparkle. (via Flutter Glass Photography)

Hot Air Balloon Pinata

13. Hot Air Balloon Piñata: A red, white and blue hot air balloon piñata will make you and your honey feel as if you’re flying high and heading straight for cloud nine. And if you happen to be tying the knot on the 4th of July, or going with a carnival-like theme, it’s a definite must-have. (via He + She Photography)

Ampersand Pinata

14. Ampersand Piñata ($120): You & Your Partner = Love Forever. A superb symbol of what your wedding day is really all about, an ampersand piñata will look great hanging from a tree outdoors or displayed above the dance floor.

Tissue Rose Pinata

15. DIY Rose Piñata: Watch out, wedding bouquets! Made using newspaper strips and tissue-paper flowers, this papier-mache piñata is way cooler than any traditional arrangement of roses. (via Kate Landers Events, LLC)

Ombre Cake Pinata

16. DIY Ombre Cake Piñata: Though you may not be able to eat it, this ombre piñata still looks totally sweet. Carry the vibe over to your real cake by selecting an ombre-esque design and using a mini piñata as a topper. (via Amanda Thomsen)

Post-It Note Pinata

17. DIY Post-It Heart Piñata: Much more than a mere office supply, Post-It Notes are the secret behind this vibrant work of art. Snag the look yourself for the ultimate color explosion. (via Amanda Thomsen)

Metallic Heart Pinata

18. DIY Metallic Heart Piñata: Just one more heart-shaped piñata, okay? Featuring bronze, gold and silver shades, this metallic masterpiece delivers plenty of shimmer and a charming scalloped look. We couldn’t resist sharing it, and bet you won’t be able to resist making it. (via Lia Griffith)

Just Married Van Pinata

19. “Just Married” Piñata: Designed to mimic the look of a vintage getaway van, this hot pink piñata is seriously cute stuff. Have one custom-made to match your own decorated car, and unleash a tidal wave of treats before riding off into the sunset. (via Luke Eshleman)

What type of piñata would you choose for your wedding reception? Share your favorite ideas below.