With spring鈥檚 arrival comes the inevitable urge to refresh your wardrobe 鈥 a task that can be daunting, to say the least. But as it turns out, updating your look doesn鈥檛 necessarily mean tossing out all the pieces you spent your hard earned money on. Queer Eye鈥榮 resident fashion guru, Tan France, is giving us all the details on how to update our closets with ease. And of course, we got a little QE behind-the-scenes talk (season two can鈥檛 come soon enough!). Ahead, everything this Fab Fiver wants you to know for spring.

Brit + Co: How do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of?

Tan France: Well, for me, it鈥檚 never a case of getting rid of it. When it comes to my closet, I start to pack things away, not get rid of them. I鈥檓 fortunate to live in Utah and have enough space to store things, but if you鈥檙e low on space, take away what you鈥檙e not wearing for the next eight-to-nine months. Pack up sweaters, big coats, and anything you know you won鈥檛 need.

I鈥檓 not one for suggesting to throw away. In my experience, a few weeks later or a few months later, you鈥檙e going to regret it. You spent money on it! So keep as much as possible, especially neutral colors that come back in style. If it鈥檚 a hot trend, you can throw it away. (Photo via Netflix)

B+C: Are there any trends you wish would go away?

TF: Yes, That cropped jean that鈥檚 almost a boot cut and is usually frayed. Yes, I know, the cool kids are wearing it, but it鈥檚 just not that flattering. And honestly, if it doesn鈥檛 make you look your best, you鈥檙e going to look back and regret it in a few years.

B+C: Any trends you think should come back?

TF: For men, I wish the mid-rise jean were more of a thing. It鈥檚 actually not that flattering to wear a low-cut jean. When you need to move or bend down, things are gonna fall out that you definitely don鈥檛 want to. I mean, I work out and even I still have muffin top!

For women, whatever happened to the classic stiletto? We鈥檙e going for crazier trends like 鈥90s heels and I miss good old stilettos 鈥 they just look great on most women. Sure, block heels are cool and they鈥檙e on trend, but they鈥檙e just not flattering.

B+C: What were some of the toughest clothing items for your Queer Eye subjects to give up?

TF: Plaid and jorts. Men for some reason seem to think they need 75 pockets. I don鈥檛 know what they鈥檙e carrying other than a wallet and a phone! I asked and almost every one of those men said they鈥檙e not putting anything in these pockets. It鈥檚 just adding bulk where no man needs bulk. My husband says in America you call them 鈥渃argo shorts.鈥 How about just a nice two-pocket pair of shorts? And I love a plaid but there are other options for pattern! (Photo via Instagram/TanFrance)

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