Before you enter into a new relationship it’s important to see how your potential partner interacts with the most significant people in your life. For starters, if your friends like your suitor, that’s probably a good sign. If your parents give the seal of approval, you might have found “The One.” But aside from your traditional vetting system, a recent survey by Wag! says that yet another level of approval comes from a surprising source.

Couple with dog

The survey, which includes insights from over 3,500 dog owners, found that more than 80 percent said that their dog’s reaction to a new love interest would affect their feelings toward that person.

“It comes as no surprise to us at Wag! that dog parents place a premium on their dogs’ opinions of other humans and that this plays a deciding factor in their love lives,” said Wag! CEO Hilary Schneider in a blog post about the survey.

As man’s (and woman’s) best friend, dogs already play a pretty crucial role in our lives. Not only do pups provide us with companionship and enjoyment, but they can also lead us to companionship in human form. In fact, three out of 10 dog owners admit to using their dog to attract a new love interest. And not surprisingly, this tactic works: Sixty percent of singles say that they’ve been flirted with while walking their pooch.

This flirtation doesn’t just happen in real life — dogs can actually be great wing men (wing dogs?) in the virtual world too. The survey found that 73 percent of dog parents are more likely to swipe right on a dating profile that contains a picture of a pup. And women had better watch out around mealtime: One in four men admitted to letting their dog eat off their plate on a date!

With all this involvement in dating rituals, it makes sense that dogs play an active role in relationships as well. For example, 16 percent of married dog owners said they would choose to celebrate their pup’s birthday over their spouse’s. Ouch.

Despite all the fun to be had as dog parents, peoples’ loyalty to their furry friends can even trump their loyalty to their S.O. As it turns out, sometimes the pooch’s first instincts are right, as 86 percent of respondents said they would be more likely to break up with someone who didn’t like their pup. Meaning as long as you like dogs, you’re probably in the clear.

So before you commit to your new Tinder match, you’d better set up a play date with Fido first to see if this person passes the test and is worthy of significant other status.

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