When you’re a mom, there are very few (if any) days off, and even fewer days where you get to kick back and relax. You can try at Christmas, but only after you’ve done a ton of gift wrapping, cooking, and cleaning. There’s Valentine’s Day, but you know you’re usually better off planning things yourself. Mother’s Day then is one of those few days that should be sacred to us. A day when our families should plan mom-centric activities and when they should shower us with presents that we actually love. And yet if you ask enough of your mom friends, you’ll find that many have been sorely disappointed on this day. From kids who totally forget, to partners who are completely clueless, these moms dishes on the absolute worst gifts they’ve ever received for Mother’s Day.

mother and daughter

“A Wii Fit — 12 days after having my first baby. It’s been nine years, still bitter.” – Andrea, Rochester, NY

“A sink full of dishes.” – Emily, Denver, CO

“Nothing! I took his lovely mum to lunch though, so she got something at least!” – Katy, London, UK

Windshield wiper fluid… that I had to pour in myself lol”Adriana, El Paso, TX

“Coupon for birth control…” – Nisha, Denver, CO

A pillow and socks that both read ‘drama queen.’ My mother qualified that she bought them for my 40-something self because I did plays in middle school.” – Amy, Nashville, TN

It was decided that we’d all (spouses and kids) go to an event. That I had to pay for. With my very last dollars. It was the worst.” – Jorje, Tulsa, OK

“He got me an Edible Arrangement which was sweet because I love sweets… and then he let the kids eat it all when I was having my night out that night. I got one piece.” – Holly, Denver, CO

“Nothing. Literally. Not even a happy Mother’s Day. I was a sad little guy that day.” – Ani, Winnipeg, Canada

I got a booger on a piece of paper that said, “Love you mom.” Was a joke but ew.” – Saree, Louisville, CO

My mother once received a hunting dog from my father. She doesn’t hunt. Yet another nail in the coffin of their marriage…” – Anna, Asheville, NC

I get socks. And one year a hand sander. Hubby’s decisions, not my kids’, since they are still little.”Roxanne, Parker, CO

When your hubby doesn’t do anything that year. Probably the worst. Just sayin… That is why I now buy anything i want on these special occasions lol. Don’t leave it up to chance!”Jessica, Lincoln, CA

“The silk single rose from the gas station just so he could say he got me something.” – Jami, Denver, CO

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