Trends move quickly in the wedding world, as anyone with a closet full of dated bridesmaid dresses will attest to. It can be hard to keep up with what’s in and out, which is why Zola did the heavy lifting and surveyed 550 couples planning to wed in 2018. The first finding? A lot of the trends closely mimic those that are dominating 2018 home decor. Another realization? The royal wedding totally nailed a few of them. Read on for all the trends that you’ll be seeing at weddings this year.

1. Donut Bars: Remember a few years back when everyone started replacing their wedding cakes with pies? Well, the tides have turned again. Zola found that 50 percent of couples were adding a secondary sweet treat to their reception, with donuts leading the pack. We’ve seen this done in so many unique and unexpected ways, but the donut bar has to be our favorite.

2. Gold & Rose Gold: Millennials have gotten hooked on the Midas touch. Out of the 550 couples surveyed, nearly half said they’d be incorporating these must-have metallics into their wedding.

3. Hanging Florals and Greenery: 2018 will likely go down in history as the year of the plant. So it’s no surprise that the trend has vined its way into weddings too. Hanging florals and greenery from the ceiling is a popular option among couples, but some even opted to go a step further with a “living wall” (or similar-looking installation).

4. Balloons Are Back: The balloon trend is poppin’! You can blame it on Instagram, but there’s really nothing that puts a room in a celebratory mood better than a flock of balloons. Whether you opt for a balloon arch for those nuptials or just festoon the ceiling with a bunch or two, couples agree that balloons are one of the most fun and affordable ways to make an impact.

5. Succulents Everywhere: Thought that succulents were just a home trend? Think again. These green cuties have been appearing everywhere at weddings. Zola finds that 20 percent of couples use succulents as wedding decor. A cluster of succulents interspersed in a more formal bouquet or even dotting a naked cake (yeah, it’s a thing) can bring just the quirky touch couples are looking for on their special day.

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(Photos via Brit + Co)