Gingerbread houses better bring their A-frame game this year, because these 16 multidimensional Christmas tree desserts just may chop them down from their holiday crafting throne. From cookies to cakes, there’s definitely a creation (or three) here to satisfy your sweet tooth. And while this may have been the year of 3D printed foods, trust that no specialty equipment is required to make this forest of festivity. Timmmber!


1. Colorful 3D Christmas Tree Cookies: Pick your own custom color palette and get stacking. The best part is that there are no cookie cutters required to assemble these trees made from graduated rounds of sugar cookie dough. (via She Knows)


2. How to Make 3D Christmas Tree Cookies: Design your own handmade stencil to make modern tree cutouts of varying heights. It’s pretty clear that good things come in threes when it comes to these trees. (via Magical Daydream)


3. 3D Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks: We love how the drips of frosting between layers of chocolate chip cookies mimic the look of freshly fallen snow. (via Betty Crocker)


4. Christmas Tree of Cookie: Pick your favorite rolled cookie dough — sugar, gingerbread, chocolate, or perhaps a combo — to create this twirling Tannenbaum. (via Leites Culinaria)


5. 3D Christmas Tree Gingerbread Cookies: We’ve heard of hanging gingerbread cutouts on the tree, but making them the tree itself is new to us — and we like it. You can fit three cookies together by cutting carefully-placed slots in the dough before baking — click over for all the crafty details. (via Not Martha)


6. Cookie Christmas Trees: Hit up the snack aisle to procure the needed cookies for these trees. You’ll love the assortment of treats (five to be exact) that come in this one festive package. (via Brit + Co)


7. “Kiss”-Mas Tree Centerpieces: This centerpiece got us thinking… wouldn’t a kissing ball be another on-point use for chocolate Kisses? (via Kitchen Meets Girl)


8. Christmas Tree Chocolate Cupcakes: Chocolate cupcakes are recommended for their bark-like appearance, but your preferred flavor will do just fine in a pinch. Get ready for some serious frosting action and fun. (via Just a Taste)


9. Christmas Tree Stroopwafels: The adorable trees perched atop this sandwich of thin, caramel-filled waffle cookies are made of cocoa- and green-tea-tinted marzipan. They’re a welcome addition to cakes and so much more. (via Thirsty for Tea)


10. Coconut Christmas Trees: Here, chewy coconut macaroons take on a whole new shape. (via Eyes Bigger Than My Stomach)


11. Chocolate Cream Puff Trees: Show off your choux pastry-making skills by assembling this glorious stack of custard-filled chocolate puffs. (via Recipes Food and Cooking)


12. Matcha Green Tea Shortbread Tree Cookies: Use an assortment of star- and flower-shaped cookie cutters to make these twee shortbread trees. Talk about a tasty teatime nibble. (via Kirbie Cravings)


13. Meringue Christmas Tree: We’re pretty mad for meringues year-round, but especially so when it takes on such a festive, seasonal shape. (via A Home Maker’s Diary)


14. Raw Christmas Cookie Tree: What a great way to showcase melt-in-your-mouth pistachio cookie rounds. (via Nature Insider)


15. Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks: You only need two ingredients from the store to makes these cookie cupcakes. For a from-scratch version, just whip up a batch of classic chocolate chip cookies and a bowlful of buttercream. (via Big Bear’s Wife)


16. Christmas Tree Cakes: Christmas. tree. cake. Baked into paper cone cups, these cupcake trees are nothing short of creative. (via Time to Cook Online)

Which of these trees could you see fitting into your decor or dessert selection this holiday? Share you faves with us below!