The 1960’s introduced us to some wild and crazy fashion, from enormous bouffant hair to geometric prints and crazy eyeliner for days. It was the era of girl bosses, with big-eyed supermodels and original It girls like Audrey and Jackie O, not to mention the introduction of the famed mini skirt! If you’re looking for a retro costume this year, take a quick trip back in time to find fashion inspiration from these seriously groovy DIY ’60s Halloween costumes.

Mad Women 60s Halloween Costume

1. Mad Women: When we think ’60s, we think Mad Men and all those ladies’ fabulous ‘dos. DIY our modern versions of Peggy’s side swept pomp bob, Betty’s wavy bouffant and Megan’s mod high pony. (via Brit + Co)


2. Bond and the Bond Girl: Your guy won’t mind being part of a couple’s costume when he gets to be James Bond. All you’ll need to do is go thrift store hunting for the perfect vintage dress. (via Say Yes)

Audrey Hepburn '60s Halloween Costume

3. Audrey Hepburn: Audrey will always be an all-time favorite because of her pure class. Whether you go for the beige trenchcoat and orange cat or the LBD, you can’t go wrong with Audrey. (via Brit + Co)

Lily Color Dress

4. Lily Munster: The Munsters was a quirky gothic ’60s family sitcom, and Lily Munster was the stylish mom who rocked a long pink dress and some hardcore white highlights. Now you just need to find some bat jewelry… (via Just Another Crafting Blog)

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.11.39 AM

5. Bonnie and Clyde: Are you and your significant other devious partners in crime? This classy take on the old gangsters Bonnie and Clyde costume is just what you need this Halloween. (via @jillbenjamin23)


6. The Peanuts Crew: All you really need are the classic outfits to make this cool vintage group costume come together. (via Cosplayers)


7. Hitchcock Thriller: For a literal take on The Birds, find an old dress or jacket outfit to get that Tippi Hedren look. Make sure you add a few birds to a hanger headpiece to really get the “swarming” effect. (via Forever Amber)


8. Twiggy: The eyes are everything. Take the look to the extreme with lots of white eyeliner, tons of mascara and a nude lip. For the outfit, stick with a turtleneck or shift dress and knee-high boots. (via Institute Magazine)

rosemarys-baby copy

9. Rosemary’s Baby: You’ll need a knife (fake, please), a blue dress and maybe a creepy doll to get the look of one of the most classic horror heroines of all time. (via Kittenhood)


10. Maria from Sound of Music: The hills are alive with how amazing your costume will be this year. Yes, we fully expect you to break into song all Halloween night. (via What I Wore Tumblr)


11. Barbie: Love her or hate her, Barbie was definitely a style icon of the ’60s. We love this slightly edgier version of Barbie with a beehive pony and killer capris. (via Vintage Vandalizm)


12. Judy Jetson: Take your ’60s look in a sci-fi direction with this Jetson getup. Bonus points if you can find a friend to be Rosie. (via San Diego Shooter/Flickr)


13. Janis Joplin: Don’t just be any hippie this Halloween; be the queen of hippies. Channel your inner rockstar with pieces you probably have in your own closet and finish the outfit with piles of bracelets and those classic round, ’60s shades. (via Lovely Indeed)


14. The Flintstones: Get the whole family involved or just grab your BFF and go as Betty and Wilma. (via Babble)


15. Liz Taylor as Cleopatra: Cleopatra never goes out of style, whether it’s Liz Taylor or Katy Perry. Grab your bright blue eyeliner and start practicing your all-seeing eye makeup. (via Brit + Co)

Who was your favorite ’60s style icon? Tell us your costume inspiration in the comments below!