Disney’s long been a source of creative inspiration — from when we were little kids imagining our own Disney-esque fairy tales to bringing our favorite characters to life through Halloween costumes. Scroll on for 14 totally magical Disney-inspired costumes.

Ariel and Sebastian Disney Halloween Costumes

1. Ariel and Sebastian: Admit it, when you were little you tried to do that signature Ariel hair flip in any body of water you came across. Right? Dress your tot in a cozy red onesie and be that gorgeous mermaid you always dreamed of.

Cruella De Vil Disney Halloween Costumes

2. Cruella De Vil: This fierce villain oozes style, even if she is totally evil. The two-tone hair and animal print combo is actually pretty on trend ;)

Beauty and the Beast Disney Halloween Costumes

3. Beauty and the Beast: This classic costume gets a modern twist with help from a faux animal hood on the beast. Tale as old as time…

Elsa and Anna Frozen Disney Halloween Costumes

4. Elsa and Anna from Frozen: Disney’s Frozen is a movie full of awesome life lessons. Like how it’s not recommended that you marry a man you just met, or how you shouldn’t be afraid to just be yourself. And how you need to let it go. Get your bestie and be these bold sisters this Halloween.

Baby Dory Disney Halloween Costumes

5. Baby Dory: OMG. How cute is this baby Dory? Blue onesie? Check. Green tutu? Check. Coordinated seat? Check!!

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Disney Halloween Costumes

6. Peter Pan + Tinkerbell: One of the most iconic pairs in Disney history, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell have it all figured out. Never grow up, fly around and cause mischief and stick together, for better or for worse.

Finding Dory and Nemo Disney Halloween Costumes

7. Family Dory + Finding Nemo: How cute is this little under-the-sea family? Each of these costumes is a cinch to create, even if you’ve got your hands full.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Disney Halloween Costumes

8. Mickey and Minnie Couples Costume: Classic cuteness, at its finest. The ears, white gloves and yellow shoes are essential for this costume — the rest you can improvise!

Mad Hatter Disney Halloween Costumes

9. Mad Hatter: Inspired by Johnny Depp’s hatter, this crazy cat is one of the most eccentric characters on this list. You can find pretty much everything you need for this costume at your local thrift store.

Rapunzel Disney Halloween Costumes

10. Rapunzel: Rapunzel is a maker, just like all of us. So for Halloween, why not channel the most artistic Disney princess there is and dress up as Rapunzel!


11. Queen of Hearts: On Halloween, you can be whoever or whatever you want — so how ‘bout Queen for the day? We created this look using everyday makeup, along with a set of crazy heart-shaped fake lashes.


12. Princess Jasmine: The key to this look is definitely that not-quite-a-braid, not-quite-a-side-pony hairstyle. Pair that with a turquoise or teal top, gold necklace and crown, and you’re good to go.

brit maternity halloween costume et

13. Elliott and E.T.: 2016 may be all about Netflix’s Stranger Things, but there’s an even bigger cult classic from the ‘80s that still is held near and dear to multiple generations hearts. That’s E.T. and Elliott! Recreate the unforgettable bike ride back to E.T.’s planet this Halloween.


14. Ursula: Poor unfortunate souls! This bewitching sea witch is legendary, and it’s time to pay homage to her awesomeness with this epic Halloween look.

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