We love color more than most. It affects how we choose our travel destinations, how we dress, and even the recipes we make, but we’ve always been a little daunted by the prospect of a totally Technicolor residence. Or at least we were, until we saw Anette Talstad‘s incredible home in Norway, which is packed floor-to-ceiling with bold shades. Her bold vision has attracted fans (86,000 of them on Instagram) of her playful, livable style. The happy-making space favors pastels and brights alike, but rather than sticking to one color scheme, it seems designed perfectly to inspire a sense of childlike wonder by using all of them.

Monstera motifs may be trendy, but we haven’t seen a plant-patterned wallpaper quite like this before. Pastel pink accents pair perfectly with plenty of texture, like a plush rug and woven wall art. “For some reason I like colors that make me think of candy,” says Talstad. “[Color] makes me happy and gives me energy. It just feels right.”

Even the front door deserves a bright, arresting hue. Talstad built the house in 2016 and has been working to make it match her vision for the past year, so it’s always evolving. “White is a perfect backdrop to make all the colors pop,” she says. “I have no rules, except [that] I try to avoid too much matching.”

Pastels get punched up with the help of a graphic, eye-popping rug and uncommon light fixtures. The big blue couch offers plenty of space for entertaining friends.

Millennial pink appears again, this time as a dining bench. (We love the eclectic mix of seating around the dining table.) For those hoping to create a similarly colorful effect at home, Anette says to follow your instincts. “Start with something small, like a pillow, and find out which colors and combos make you tick. Paint a wall or buy a sofa in your favorite color,” she suggests, and let the pieces accumulate from there.

Even the workout room is bright, ideal for inspiring an energizing workout first thing in the a.m.

Though the mint hue of the laundry room may be muted, the accessories are anything but. A bright orange radio provides the tunes to make folding go faster.

Thought mustard yellow couldn’t coexist with a muted lemony shade? Think again.

Outside, the breathtaking sights are serene and monochrome, making it even more important to provide cozy contrast indoors.

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(Photos via Anette Talstad)