Daylight savings time means darker mornings and beds you don’t want to leave. While we’re all for high thread count luxury sheets, let’s be real: Those things are expensive! Since we don’t have thousands to spend on our bedding (yet!), we do a lot of our shopping at IKEA. We tend to gravitate toward their duvet cover sets, so we can pair our new purchases with what we already have. And with all that money saved, who knows, you might have enough for a trip somewhere warm.

1. STRANDKRYPA Duvet Cover + Pillowcase ($30): While you’re waiting for those April showers and May flowers, these floral-patterned duvet cover and pillowcases just may help tide you over.

2. Sommar Blankets ($15): These fleece blankets are equally perfect as a pop of color at the foot of the bed or to snuggle under on a cold March night.

3. BJÖRNLOKA Duvet Cover + Pillowcase ($40): You can’t go wrong with gray in the bedroom (seriously, we found 50 shades of the color). But all movie puns aside, the gray in this duvet cover and pillowcase set is so soothing and relaxing, it’s almost guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep.

4. EMMIE RUTA Duvet Cover + Pillowcase ($40): Does anything say spring quite as loudly as gingham? Even if it’s still cold outside, you can mentally get ready for those spring picnics with this duvet cover.

5. PS14 Cushion ($14): What’s a bed without a few throw pillows? This one is bright, poppy and graphic.

6. TUVBRÄCKA Duvet Cover + Pillowcase ($30): Black and white stripes can never do you wrong, and this set is pretty near perfect.

7. SISSELA Duvet Cover + Pillowcase ($20): The gardening-themed line drawings on this duvet cover and pillowcase will give you spring dreams.

8. PS 14 Duvet Cover + Pillowcase ($50): This graphic duvet cover and pillow set are made from a lyocell/cotton blend, which is moisture wicking. If you get extra warm at night, this might be the one for you.

9. NYPONROS Duvet Cover + Pillowcase ($30): Snuggle up under a gray and white pinstripe duvet cover. If blue is more your speed, they have those too.

10. Stockholm Cushion ($15): This is pretty much one of our favorite things from IKEA. If you don’t have this pillow, run. Don’t walk. Not only is this one a looker, but it’s also super soft.

What’s your favorite thing to pick up from IKEA? Let us know in the comments below!