We鈥檝e all experienced that Monday morning. Your alarm聽doesn鈥檛 go off, the coffee machine malfunctions and you run out of your favorite blush, leaving you tired, un-caffeinated and unnaturally pale. Things just get that much worse when you realize you have absolutely no time to聽blow out your wet hair that鈥檚 dripping all over the place. Never fear, we鈥檝e found 14 fabulous hairstyles that you can do in a jiffy that might change your luck on that fateful Monday. They are so chic, no one at the office will even notice that your socks don鈥檛 quite match.

1.聽Beachy Braided Bun: The dog days of summer are upon us. Extend them with this quick braided bun! This hairstyle looks super fabulous on second day hair, too. Or fourth, we won鈥檛 judge. (via聽Refinery 29)

2. Wet Crown Braid: Perfect for a summer wedding, this hairstyle will make you look like you spent loads of time on your hair. Plus, when you take out your braid, you will be left with luscious waves. Score! (via Brit + Co)

3. Twisted Pony: Sleek is an understatement when describing this pretty pony. Dampness combined with some hair gel will give you a professional finish. (via Refinery29)

5. Triple Bun Twists: It鈥檚 okay, we miss Sochi as much as you do. Channel your inner ice skater with this super simple twisted updo. This hairstyle looks incredible if you have highlights because they give you amazing dimension. (via Hair Romance)

6. The Undone Topknot: Try this edgy look that you can definitely do in the car to work. Finish up with a fierce lipstick. This one would also work well at the beach or at a concert! (via Refinery29)

7. Curly Pixie: If you have shorter, curlier hair like model Eva Pigford, hair gel is your new best friend. A dollop can transform your wet strands into a structured masterpiece. (via Hairstyles Weekly)

8.聽Put a Band on it: This one鈥檚 so easy, you could do it in a second! Just slide a skinny metallic聽hairband or hair clip聽to keep your look fresh and sexy at the same time. And if your hair doesn鈥檛 dry straight, well, there鈥檚 always hairspray. (via聽Harper鈥檚 Bazaar)

9. Baby Buns: We are loving these cute little buns because they can be dressed up or down. Just make sure to add a spritz of hairspray to ensure that your 鈥榙o is in place all day. (via Hair Romance)

10. Fishtail It Out: If you haven鈥檛 boarded the fishtail train, it鈥檚 time. We love how moving around your part can give this look originality. (via Refinery29)

11. Ladylike Laziness: How amazing does Cara Delevingne look in this Victorian inspired 鈥榙o? The stylist simply smoothed gel into hair for a glossy, wet texture, then made a deep side part. After sectioning off her hair just before the ear, he sculpted the front portion into a finger wave that added a ladylike element to the look. (via Allure)

12.聽Simple Half Up: Perfect for fall, this hairstyle is so regal you could pull it off at a black tie affair! Play up your own individual style with an embellished hair clip. (via Harper鈥檚 Bazaar)

13. No Frizz Towel Dry: Lauren Conrad, our favorite bride-to-be, shared her favorite tip that you can totally steal for any hurried weekday. Instead of drying your hair with a towel, try a soft 100% cotton t-shirt! You can minimize frizz and maximize breakfast time. (via Refinery29)

14. Messy Ponytail: Rake your fingers through your wet hair and tie with a hairband. It鈥檚 fool-proof and gives off an incredibly French vibe. (via Elle)

How do you deal with soaking wet morning hair? Tell us in the comments below!聽