20 Recipes to Make the Booziest Meal EVER
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20 Recipes to Make the Booziest Meal EVER

It’s time to stock up on rum, bourbon and beer. That trifecta — along with several other spirited splashes — makes a few appearances in this collection of 20 boozy recipes. Forget about Valentine’s Day — this Fat Tuesday, go all out and make a whole meal of the hard stuff beyond cocktail hour. From hors d’oeuvres to dessert, it’ll make for a celebration you won’t soon forget… well, when enjoyed responsibly, of course.


1. Peel and Eat Beer-Steamed Shrimp: Drenched in an aromatic beer butter sauce, these shrimp sure know how to get a crowd to gather. (via Foodie Crush)

2. Pecan Chicken and Waffles: Plain ol’ maple syrup has nothing on the bourbon- and chile-flake-boosted drizzle applied to these appetizers. (via A Zest for Life)

3. New Orleans Barbecue Beer Shrimp: Bring a taste of the Big Easy home with these barbecue shrimp. (via The Beeroness)

4. Angoustura Bitters Glazed Popcorn: A generous helping of bitters provides each fluffy kernel of caramel corn with a wonderful herbal nuance. (via F+B Department)

5. Spicy Corn Crab Chowder: Andouille sausage and Tabasco sauce spice up this sherry-spiked chowder reallll nice. (via The Framed Table)

6. Oysters With Charred Finger Limes and Smoked Pepperberry Vodka: A DIY infused vodka takes freshly shucked oysters to new heights. Trust us, you won’t miss the usual Champagne one bit. (via heneedsfood)

Main Course

7. BBQ Beer Crockpot Chicken: Given that Fat Tuesday falls on a weeknight, this chicken cooked in a Crock Pot is especially welcome. (Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body)

8. Pecan-Crusted Pork Tenderloin With Bourbon Mustard Sauce: Prepare yourself to fall for the Southern charm of the well-loved pecan and bourbon duo. (via A Cookbook Obsession)

9. Beer-Battered Yogurt Fried Chicken: You’ll love how a soak in a peppery yogurt mix makes these drumsticks oh-so tender underneath the crisp beer batter. (via Diethood)

10. Drunken Chicken Marsala With Tomatoes: Serve this marsala chicken over pasta or mashed potatoes to soak up every last drop of the boozy sauce. (via Pinch of Yum)

11. Bourbon Honey Grilled Flank Steak: Get ready to fire up the grill ’cause the possibilities are endless for this delicious flank steak. It makes for excellent tacos, a fab salad topper and is simply terrific thinly sliced and enjoyed unadorned. (via Bourbon and Honey)

12. Tequila Lime Shrimp Tacos: There’s no reason to miss out on Taco Tuesday just because it’s also Mardi Gras. (via That’s So Michelle)

13. Drunken Mussels: Akin to a creamy beer and shellfish stew, these mussels expertly take the chill off a cold February evening while delivering a lovely reminder of summer at the same time. (via Blogging Over Thyme)

14. Lager Tomato Soup With Mustard Grilled Cheese: No doubt, the combo of tomato soup and grilled cheese is an “mmm, mmm good” one. (via Yes to Yolks)


15. Bourbon Chai Cookie Cups: A swirl of lemon- and chai-flavored frostings — both featuring a generous glug of bourbon — fill each spiced cookie cup just right. (via F+B Department)

16. Margarita Cheesecake: These single-serving, no-bake cheesecakes are a fun alternative to Jello shots at your shindig. (via Brit + Co)

17. Collapsing Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Custard Cake: Chocolatey, gooey and boozy, this cake has got it goin’ on. Even better: It couldn’t be easier to make. (via Half Baked Harvest)

18. Drunken Cherry Coconut Ice Cream (Vegan): Spiced rum and coconut milk provide a hint of tropical flair to each scoop of this pecan- and chocolate-studded cherry ice cream. (via Rodelle Vanilla)

19. Caramel Apple Galette: A couple spoonfuls of vodka is the trick for making this galette crust extra flaky and delicious. (via Put on Your Cake Pants)

20. Cocktail Freezer Pops: Spiked popsicles are a fun way to sneakily indulge in a cocktail, and these ice pops are no exception. With three flavors to choose from, there’s sure to be one that’s the perfect ending for your “booziest meal ever” menu. (via Brit + Co)

How do you incorporate the hard stuff into sweet and savory recipes? Share your spiked, non-cocktail creations with us below!