If you haven’t met cannoli yet, let us introduce you. Broken down into its most basic elements, the classic Italian dessert stuffs a creamy filling inside crisp, often fried, pastry shells. Sounds good, right? Ricotta cheese is usually invited to the party, too. Often overlooked and sometimes under-appreciated, this cheese will have you singing its praises after just one bite. Check out this roundup of 10 cannoli recipes that feature everything from classic Sicilian style to new, mind-blowing flavor combos to cutting-edge hacks. Buon appetito!

1. Black Forest Cannoli: Once you bite into the chocolate shells and get past the cherry-liqueur-spiked whipped cream, you’ll discover roasted cherries stuffed inside. Talk about a real treat. (via Diethood)

2. Lightened Up Cannoli Cups (Gluten-Free): Enjoy these crunchy, creamy cups practically guilt-free. As a bonus, their small size means portion control just got a little bit easier. (via Feeding My Addiction)

3. Cannoli Cupcakes: When presented with the choice of cannoli fillings, it can be hard to choose just one. These cupcakes feature both ricotta-mascarpone and fluffy chocolate-whipped cream, so you don’t have to. (via Cooking Classy)

4. Pumpkin Cannoli: Lacy, caramel-scented almond florentines wrap around a creamy, spiced pumpkin-mascarpone filling to create a fantastic fall dessert. (via Baking a Moment)

5. Cannoli Cheesecake: What’s not to love about a giant pie-shaped cannoli? Lighter than your average New York-style cake, it’s easy to gobble up slice after slice of this divine cheesecake. (via Always With Butter)

6. Sicilian Cannoli: For the classic cannoli recipe, look no further. This is it. (via Tasting Table)

7. Cannoli (Vegan): Vegan cream cheese and an almond ricotta team up to create a fabulous, dairy-free filling for these crisp, wine-spiked shells. (via Leaves and Flours)

8. Chocolate Cannoli: Talk about a chocoholics dream come true. Chocolate-dipped, chocolate-flavored cannoli shells are filled with a cocoa, orange and vanilla-scented ricotta filling. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

9. Cannoli Cones: Sugar cones are a great swap for homemade cannoli shells. Here, they’re generously filled with a classic ricotta filling to satisfy cannoli cravings in a flash. (via Big Red Kitchen)

10. Mini Dumpling Wrapper Maple Cannoli: Holy cannoli! These cinnamon and sugar dumpling wrappers are an easy-yet-elegant way to package up a plume of spiced maple ricotta. (via Lady and Pups)

Which cannoli recipe piques your interest most? Do you lean toward the classic or unconventional? Let’s talk pastry below!