Nowadays it feels like there are more adult coloring book options available than crayon colors in those double-decker Crayola boxes. You know, the one that used to make you the most popular kid in class. Looking for a Lisa Frank coloring book? Done. A coloring book full of famous redheads? Check. A black-and-white book full of swear words? Yup, that also exists. The next trendy creativity book to join the club: Modern Lovers: The Relationship Goals Coloring Book.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.30.52 PM

The book takes all of your favorite celebrity couples (real and fictional) and has turned each into black-and-white illustrations ready to be customized with your medium of choice. All the greats are included: Bey + Jay Z, Kim + Kanye, Ryan Gosling + Eva Mendes, Neil Patrick Harris + David Burtka and a bunch of others.


Obviously, coloring books are an art form, so the sky is the limit here, people. If, while coloring in the Ryan Gosling + Eva Mendes’ page, you decide that your artistic vision is to turn it into more of a collage sort of piece, with a picture of your head glued over Eva’s, who are we to judge?

Snag your copy of the book for $9 here.

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(Photos via Belly Kids)