Hmm, New Year’s Eve, a holiday whose drink of choice is champagne — sounds like just another day in the life for the rich and fab you follow on Instagram. We didn’t get the chance to party directly with Beyoncé and Mindy and Blake this year (NBD, we were kinda busy… getting ready for the Friends marathon on Netflix and all) but here’s a look at how the glitterati rang in the new year!

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Happy New Year!! 🎉

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1. Beyoncé: Like all good years, let’s kick this one off with a little Bey retrospective.


2. Blake Lively: Get ready for a little inspiration to join our #31DaysofDIY with a look at what the stars are making. Blake showed off a painting she did last year with the help of a lesson or two. We love where your head is at, Blake. Painting not for you? Here are some more things you could learn how to do in the new year!


3. Shay Mitchell: Pretty Little Liars star + Selena Gomez + sequins? Tweens heads be exploding, right?


4. Lena Dunham: Aw, these two. We wouldn’t mind finding a Jack Antonoff in ’15!


5. Solange: “Good friends, mountain valleys, kombucha cocktails, desert hikes” — the singer posted pics from her Joshua Tree #turnupteepee party with friends, thus raising the bar on our own glamping adventures in the coming year.


6. Joe Jonas: We don’t want to break it to his cute little face that they messed up the 2015 in the front. A for effort, JoBro.


7. Mindy Kaling: Joe, here’s how you do it.


8. Kylie Jenner: Flutter those lashes, girl.


9. Jessica Alba: Feliz año nuevo wishes and NYE headgear dreams from Jessica, Cash and friends.


10. Taylor Swift: Taylor’s ready for 2015 — you should be too.


11. Drake: Does it get much better than Drake in a tux? Drake in a Chanel sweater poncho is a close second.


12. Khloe Kardashian: This sweet big sis posted her #TBT a little early and shared that she celebrated with a lowkey movie night at home with brother Rob Kardashian.


13. Chrissy Teigen: The perks of being a supermodel = three New Year’s Eve smooch options at midnight.


14. Reese Witherspoon: “Let’s dream big in 2015?!” says the star. We will double tap that, Reese!


15. Lauren Conrad: After posting a wedding pic of her and new hubby William Tell (with the FYI to 2015 that it’s going to have a hard time topping 2014) the Laguna lifestyle expert posted this message in the sand.

How did you ring in the new year? Sound off below!