Our closets can be our best friends and our worst enemies. We absolutely looove all the pretty pieces inside, but we hate when it becomes a cluttered, disorganized mess. Keeping your clothes, shoes and accessories organized is essential for maximizing all the wonderful outfit possibilities your closet has to offer. DJ, presenter and model Amy Pham has a few tips to sort you out. Tour her closet, check out some of her fab organizing tips and see how you can buy or DIY her favorite storage solutions.

1. Clear the Clutter: What to do with all those clothes? First things first, store out-of-season garments in space saving bags ($19). Once you vacuum out the air, they can be easily tucked away and take up wayyyyy less space. Next, sort through the rest of your clothes. Trash whatever is ripped or stained. You don’t need those ruined pieces taking up precious closet space! Donate anything in good condition that you’re just not into anymore, or consider hosting a clothing swap with a few friends.

2. Outfit Inspiration Rack: Amy always keeps a couple of her favorite outfits on display, so she can quickly grab one in a rush. This is also a stylish way to work in some extra storage outside of your closet. We love the look of a DIY clothing rack to showcase your favorite pieces. (via Black Oak Vintage + Smitten Studio)

3. Shoe Storage: Finding a place for your footwear can be a challenge. Luckily, Amy has inspired us with two great solutions. Get the look by displaying your heels in a cabinet ($399) and tucking away those flats and tennies in storage cubes ($62).

4. Jewelry Organization: Keeping your jewelry organized and visible is key for putting the finishing touches on a great outfit. We’re in love with Amy’s bird cage jewelry organizer for her earrings and necklaces. Snag the look with your own bird cage organizer ($18). You’ll also need a spot for all those rings, so try corralling them in a chic trinket dish ($20).

5. Over-the-Door Pocket Organizer ($39): Over-the-door organizers are great for maximizing storage when you have minimal space to work with. Stow your scarves, sunnies and other miscellaneous accessories here for easy access.

What do you think of Amy’s closet and organization tips? How do you organize your clothes, shoes and accessories? Tell us in the comments!