When the weather starts to get a bit cooler, a lightweight scarf is the perfect (read: easiest) accessory. But all that comfort can get a little pricey. And besides, why miss an opportunity to DIY? With items you probably have in your craft drawer and closet, you can whip up a dazzling array of comfortable and stylish neckwear. In fact, we have 21 of them that will help you recycle all the old clothes and yarn you have laying around. Happy DIYing!

1. Upcycled Sweater Infinity Scarf: Got a few tired old sweaters that you just can’t get one more season’s wear from? Cut them up and put them back together again into a funky (and super soft) circle scarf! Bonus: You don’t need to sew a single stitch. (via Brit + Co)

2. No-Sew T-Shirt: Speaking of no sewing, this super easy project only requires three things — a t-shirt, scissors and the ability to tie knots. If you want to get really fancy, add in a few braids for some texture. (via Café Craftea)

3. Arm Knit: If you have an absurd amount of leftover yarn from your nana’s Christmas knitting spree last year, try this simple and fun project. Sure, it’s not “proper” knitting, but no one has to know. (via Audra Kurtz)

4. DIY Free People Plaid: If you’ve been coveting the perfect plaid scarf for fall, look no further than this simple DIY, inspired by Free People. (via Gina Michele)

5, Multi-Strand: This ridiculously easy project will probably take less than an hour to make. That means you can get out the door and show off your style that much sooner. (via Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth)

6. Bleached Jersey: We’ve got not one, but three super simple ways you can transform an old t-shirt into a stylish reverse tie-dye scarf. Go crazy. (via Brit + Co)

7. Scarf Restyle: Have a thick old scarf that needs a little makeover? With a needle and some thread in a contrasting color, you can transform your winter wear. (via A Beautiful Mess)

8. Sweater Infinity Scarf (Plus Bonus Beanie!): For makers, finding a two-for-one project is like finding a unicorn. Turn an old sweater into a cozy scarf and a warm hat for a coordinating look that will show off your craft prowess. (via Cotton and Curls)

9. Turn a Skirt into a Cowl: Scrunch up that bodycon dress and cozy it up around your neck. You’ll show the world that sexy summer style can totally transform for fall. (via Brit + Co)

10. Thin and Summery: If you have some extra fabric lying around, test out your sewing skills with a traditional scarf pattern. The tassels at the bottom are insanely cute, not to mention fun to play with when you’re bored. (via Skip to My Lou)

11. Chunky Old Sweater Snood: There’s nothing like a warm chunky scarf on a cold day. It’s even better when you make it from one of your favorite old sweaters. (via Cotton and Curls)

12. No-Sew Polka Dots: Use your favorite shimmery paint to decorate an old shirt, then cut it up into a simple and gorgeous scarf. (via Sugar and Cloth)

13. Tassels, Tassels, Tassels: If you want to add a pop of color to a darker scarf, gather up all your leftover embroidery thread and turn it into gorgeous, multicolored tassels. The colors will brighten up your mood on cold and gray winter days. (via A Beautiful Mess)

14. Faded Painted Stripes: This light and airy scarf is perfect for spring. Give an old piece of fabric a boost with elegantly painted lines for a cool geometric vibe. (via Dismount Creative)

15. Old Lady Sweater Cowl: Grandma’s wardrobe is good for more than just vintage dresses and gorgeous brooches. Raid her closet for a thin fuzzy knit, then turn it into this beautiful shawl. (via Angry Chicken)

16. Pompom Cowl: Okay, so this one isn’t exactly an upcycling DIY, but if you do happen to have any linen sheets or tablecloths it certainly can be. Plus, you get to play with pompoms, and if that’s not an excuse for a project, we don’t know what is. (via The Purl Bee)

17. Reversible Cowl: Double the winter coziness with a double-dose super warm fleecy scarf. Pick contrasting colors in the same pattern to make the design flow seamlessly together. (via Madigan Made)

18. Repurposed Cowl: Grab a super colorful vintage scarf from the thrift store, then turn it into a hot new accessory for colder days. (via Belrossa)

19: Pockets!: Need we say more? A scarf with extra storage space is perfect for a girl on the go. Get it for cheap by transforming an old sweater, and add buttons to make sure your valuables stay in their places. (via Brit + Co)

20. Super Easy Pompom Fringe: Brighten up a shawl for spring by adding a pompom fringe. No sewing, no mess, no trouble. (via Swell Mayde)

21. Faux Fur Snood: This isn’t a project per say, but it’s sure getting a lot of creative juices flowing! Many of the projects above can easily be done with just a strip of faux fur instead of fabric. So what are you waiting for? Go bananas! (via Chasing Davies)

Which of these cozy projects are you going to make this fall? Tell us your favorites (or share your own projects) in the comments below!