Aah spring — that time of year that signals a shift in colors, fashion and, most importantly, FUN! What felt like the longest winter ever has officially come to a close and that means it’s time to experiment with as much color as possible. The easy way to do this is with clothing, but why not take a cue from this season’s runway and apply some color block action to your makeup? Bold colors and contrasting hues will give you that fashion-forward look you need. Scroll down for some inspiration to get your face color-ready.

Solid Lips

Solid Lips 2

1. Coral + Cobalt: Try out one of the hottest lipstick shades of the past few seasons by rocking this solid-colored bright orange lip to make a lasting impression. If you’re feeling bold, pair it with a bright, cool-hued eyeshadow for the ultimate color block face. (via Femme Fatale)

Solid Lips 3

2. Pink + Turquoise: Bright pink lips never really go out of style. They’re girly, flirty and fun and would look great with some contrasting turquoise eyeshadow. (via The Beauty Place)

Ombre Lips


3. Top-to-Bottom Color: For the makeup mavens out there who are truly feeling daring, this look is for you. These photos highlight a few of the ways to achieve the ombre look flawlessly in colors such as coral, orange, pink and, of course, GLITTER. (via Cecy Young)

Ombre Lips 3

4. Bright Center: Totally fashion-forward orange with a light plum edge thrown in for added style is the best way to up your lip game. We’re thinking this look would be perfect for your next night out on the town. (Photo via Ben Ritter for Refinery29)

Two-Toned Lips


5. Ombre Lips: Pinks, berries and whites, oh my! This is a colorful solution for those days when you can’t decide on just one lip color. (via Brit + Co)


6. Red + Pink: In a more straightforward approach to the multi-tone lip look, try this red-on-the-top, pink-on-the-bottom style. Rock it for your next weekend adventure with your go-to LBD. (via May Flaum)

Neon Eyeliner

Neon Eyeliner 1

7. Bright Cat Eye: Equal parts bright and subtle, neon eyeliner is a fabulous way to play with the trend with minimal commitment. The key to pulling off this look is to keep the rest of your face as neutral as possible and let the eyeliner be the focal point. (via Le Fashion)

Neon Eyeliner 2

8. Cool-Hued Liner: Alternatively, there is a way to wear both neon eyeliner and a colorful lip without looking clownish. The best way to make this happen is a thin black bottom liner and a muted berry pink lip. (via The Berry)

Multi-Colored Eyeshadow

Multi Colored Eyeshadow 1

9. Mermaid-Inspired Shadow: Much like the ombre lip, applying eyeshadow in a few bold colors is a fearless beauty move that will turn heads. Just combine varying degrees of purples, greens and blues for a mermaid-esque look. (via Obsession Photo)

Multi Colored Eyeshadow 4

10. Warm Two-Toned Shadow: If you want to keep things simple, bold and on-trend at the same time, then this look is for you. All you have to do is apply orange on the top lid and bright pink along the bottom lash line. (Photo via Ben Ritter for Refinery29)

Solid Eyeshadow

Solid Eyeshadow Lupita

11. Bright + Bold All Over: Not into the two-toned look? Just rock a vibrant shadow and use color blocking with your outfit instead. (via Essence)

Solid Eyeshadow 1

12. Blue + Gold Lips: This blue-and-gold combo might be the best one yet. We love that the gilded lip and bright blue eyeshadow don’t overpower one another or compete for attention. (via CoCo is Haute)

Solid Eyeshadow 2

13. Turquoise + Pink Lips: Turquoise is an eye-catching color that we can’t get enough of, especially when it comes to makeup. And who knew that candy pink would be the perfect color pairing for this flawless look? (via Keiko Lynn)

Are you planning to try out some color block makeup looks this spring? If so, let us know which ones are on your list in the comments below!