There are many things that make a trip to a Disney Park slathered in awesome sauce. There鈥檚 the ambience, the rides and all the super happy people, and don鈥檛 forget, Mickey and his bae Minnie. But there鈥檚 one other thing that makes a trip to one of these happiest places on Earth deliciously special: the food. We adore devouring Disney delights so much (and even make them at home) that we would love nothing more than to travel around the world聽visiting all the Disney Parks and trying all the culinary delicacies that they each offer. So what are the not-to-be-missed foods offered around the world? Here are 18 Disney dishes, from Anaheim to Shanghai, that we totally want in our bellies!


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1. Castle Mooncake: At the brand spanking new Shanghai Disneyland, the imagineers spent a good deal of energy ensuring that the local culture would be prominently featured, including on the menu. One of their offerings are these totally stylish castle mooncakes (they also have Mickey Mouse mooncakes on the menu).

2. Donald Duck Tsum Tsum cupcake: Isn鈥檛 this the cutest cupcake, like, ever? Disney Parks always sell unique and wild baked goods, but this one takes the cake (yes, pun intended). It鈥檚 so perfectly round and totally embraces the global Tsum Tsum craze.

Shanghai Disney Resort ! 銉 Shanghai Disneyland !! 銉 銉 Wandering Moon Teahouse 鈥硷笌 銉 Fujian Seafood Noodles !! Wandering Moon Shao Mai !! 銉 Mickey Souvenir Plate :) Kawaii ;-) 銉 銉 銆怞uly. 2016. Shanghai銆 Shanghai Disneyland. 銉 銉 涓婃捣杩+灏煎害鍋囧尯 ! 涓婃捣銉囥偅銈恒儖銉笺儶銈俱兗銉堬紒 銉 涓婃捣杩+灏间箰鍥 ! 涓婃捣銉囥偅銈恒儖銉笺儵銉炽儔锛 銉 婕湀杞 (婕湀杌) !!! 銉 銉 绂忓缓娴烽闈⑩硷笌 婧鏈堣僵鐑х儳鍗 !! 銉 銇濄仐銇︹﹀彲鎰涖亜銉熴儍銈兗銇儣銉兗銉堛亴銇傘仯銇 鈾(^o^) 銉 銉 銆2016骞7鏈堛戜笂娴枫儑銈c偤銉嬨兗銉┿兂銉夈伀琛屻亸銇坊鈥硷笌 銉 #WanderingMoonTeahouse #ShanghaiDisneyland #ShanghaiDisneyResort #Disneyland #Risuta #RisutaTravel #RisutaShanghai #RisutaShanghaiDisneyResort #RisutaDisneylandShanghai #RisutaDisneyland #RisutaDisney #RisutaRestaurant #RisutaFood #婕湀杞 #婕湀杌 #涓婃捣杩+灏煎害鍋囧尯 #涓婃捣銉囥偅銈恒儖銉笺儶銈俱兗銉 #涓婃捣杩+灏间箰鍥 #涓婃捣銉囥偅銈恒儖銉笺儵銉炽儔 #銉囥偅銈恒儖銉笺儵銉炽儔 #銈娿仚銇熴伄1鏃 #銈娿仚銇熴伄鏃呰 #銈娿仚銇熴伄銉囥偅銈恒儖銉 #銈娿仚銇熴伄銉囥偅銈恒儖銉笺儵銉炽儔 #銈娿仚銇熴伄涓婃捣 #銈娿仚銇熴伄銉囥偅銈恒儖銉笺儵銉炽儔涓婃捣 #銈娿仚銇熴伄涓婃捣銉囥偅銈恒儖銉笺儶銈俱兗銉 #銈娿仚銇熴伄銉偣銉堛儵銉 #銈娿仚銇熴伄琛屻仯銇熷簵 #銈娿仚銇熴伄椋熴伖鐗

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3. Teahouse lunch: This is what a lunch at the Wandering Moon Teahouse in Shanghai Disneyland looks like. Yes, YUM. It includes Fujian Seafood Noodles and Wandering Moon Shao Mai.


4. Safari skewer: There are MANY food items just begging to be eaten at the original Disneyland. They are home to many of the Disney classics like the Corn Dog and Mickey Mouse waffles, but one of their most unique (and delicious) snacks is the Safari Skewer (large asparagus spears wrapped in bacon), available at Bengal Barbecue (and at $4.19, it鈥檚 a steal).

5. The Matterhorn Macaroon: Disneyland in Anaheim is the only park in the world that has the Matterhorn Bobsled ride, which means they鈥檙e also the only place that has the Matterhorn Macaroon. Just make sure to eat one BEFORE going on the ride, since it can rumble up the tummy.

Disneyland Paris

6. Ratatouille: Of course the chic Bistrot Chez R茅my in the Walt Disney Studio Park at Disneyland Paris would serve Ratatouille, the signature dish of the pint-sized chef (and rodent) of Pixar fame. Bistrot Chez R茅my is amazingly themed with Champagne cork seats and oversized cocktail umbrellas that cover the tables. We want to go to there!

7. Mickey Mouse Marshmallow: This, this my friends is a 鈥淕uimauve avec nappage chocolat et copeaux de noix de coco,鈥 or if you didn鈥檛 take French, 鈥渕arshmallow with chocolate topping and coconut shavings.鈥 It looks delish in any language!

Disneyland Hong Kong

8. Disney Dim Sum: OMG. OMG. OMG. Is this not the most amazing looking Dim Sum or what?!?! These gorgeous snacks are presented in a traditional fashion at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel鈥檚 Crystal Lotus Restaurant. Their Signature Dim Sum includes: Mickey鈥檚 Seafood Glutinous Pancake, Three Little Pigs Barbecue Pork Bun, Duffy and ShellieMay Steamed Sweet Bun, Little Green Men Pork and Vegetable Bun, Baymax Bun, Olaf Steamed Red Bean Bun and Mickey鈥檚 Double-Layer Turnip and Taro Pudding. Did we mention OMG?

9. Tsum Tsum Chilled Pudding: For dessert at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel鈥檚 Crystal Lotus Restaurant, you can feast on these crazy cute Tsum Tsum Chilled Puddings in the sweetest of colors.

10. Star Wars Edibles: The Crystal Lotus Restaurant doesn鈥檛 just do cute 鈥 no, they also do the Dark Side with the Star Wars Baked Yunnan Ham and Assorted Nuts Puff Pastries.

Tokyo Disneyland

11. Mickey Deets: At the Restaurant 鈥淗okusai鈥 they serve up this gorgeous seafood bowl with an amazing attention to detail (look at those cute Mickeys).

12. Little Green Dumplings: These totes adorable mochis in Toy Story alien form come in a set of three (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) and are available in Tomorrowland at Tokyo Disneyland. They鈥檙e so seriously cute, it would almost be a shame to eat them.

13. Scrumplings: If you aren鈥檛 feeling green, you can pick up the Scrump from Lilo and Stitch mochi dumplings. These also come in a set of three (sweet potato, mango and banana).

14. Mickey鈥檚 Chicken Pao: These adorable sandwiches are from Huey, Dewey and Louie鈥檚 Good Time Cafe in Toontown at Tokyo Disneyland. We see a whole bunch of foods in the shape of Mickey鈥檚 head but rarely his hands (but we LOVE these).

15. Mickey in an Egg: This rice bowl might have a bunch of elements in it, but all we care about is that egg. HOW DID THEY DO IT? Amazing.

Walt Disney World

16. Grey Stuff: It is ridiculously hard to narrow down the choices for unique food choices at Walt Disney World. You know why? Because there are over 135 restaurants there! Yes, you read that read. Over 135! One of our fave offerings though is the Grey Stuff served at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom. It鈥檚 a chocolate shell, cookie cr猫me topped with Lumiere鈥檚 special Grey Stuff.

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17. Poutine: If you don鈥檛 get up to Canada very much, then odds are you don鈥檛 often have the chance to indulge in Poutine. At the aptly named Daily Poutine in Disney Springs, they serve up this mix of taters, sausage gravy and cheddar cheese curds topped with a fried egg.

18. Strawberries and Cream Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich: We love macarons and we love ice cream sandwiches, so it鈥檚 NO WONDER that we would love this French-inspired treat served up at L鈥橝rtisan des Glaces in Epcot.

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