Now that all your foreseeable weekends are tied up dealing with wedding deets, coming up with a gift to impress your bridesmaids (hopefully something they will like and use) may seem like an impossible task. To help you avoid hours of mind-numbing Internet searches, we’re revealing unique ways to show your maids the love. Skip the shopping and go for a creative gift that will make you the most popular bride ever.

1. Braided Necklace DIY: You’ve probably noticed the current paracord bracelet fad, but this humble cord can also be used to make a glam necklace. (via Art Actually)

2. Gold Dot Mugs: Need a gift for your maids ASAP? Some plain white mugs and a metallic marker are all it takes to DIY some super girly mugs in minutes. Now you can get back to the fun stuff, like daydreaming about the honeymoon. (via Lauren Conrad)

3. Spa Kit: Just because you want to gift your friends a spa day doesn’t mean you need to make a major splurge. Here’s a tutorial that provides recipes and printables to help you put together a spa kit in a breeze. (via Lia Griffith)

4. Gemstone Bobby Pins: Boring barrettes — where’s the fun in that? Bling out some bobby pins and help your girlies get gorgeous for the big day. (via Tell Love and Chocolate)

5. Rope Tote: What bridesmaid can’t use a roomy carry-all to tote around her goodies? (via Style Me Pretty)

6. Whipped Grapefruit Mint Sugar Scrub: You’re just minutes away from a sweet-smelling spa gift. You can totally whip this scrub up from items found right in your kitchen. (via The Kitchen McCabe)

7. Polka Dot Luggage Tags: We’ve seriously never seen luggage tags this cute. Don’t forget to DIY a couple extra and tag your own luggage for the post-wedding getaway. (via Lovely Indeed)

8. Watercolor Makeup Brush Jars: There’s no denying that these jars are beyond dreamy. What a genius way to organize makeup brushes. (via Style Me Pretty)

9. Pom Pom Gloves: Tiny little pom poms, we heart you. Is there anything a teeny pom pom doesn’t make cuter? (via The Alison Show)

10. Statement Necklace: This necklace has a lot going for it: classic pearls, trendy turquoise and lots of sophisticated layers. A necklace this dreamy will take a bit of time to create, but the impressive factor + low cost make it totally worth the effort. (via Something Turquoise)

11. Sequin Phrase Sweatshirt: Statement shirts are all the rage, and this one is even better because it sparkles! This glammed-up sweatshirt is cute enough for everyday and cozy enough for a road trip. Be prepared: you might have a hard time getting your friends to wear anything else to the rehearsal dinner. (via A Beautiful Mess)

12. Ombre Journals: If your bestie loves ombre as much as you do, she’ll fall in love with these candy-colored journals. Now she can document every memory of this special occasion. (via Damask Love)

13. Gold Zipper Makeup Bag: What gift is pretty and practical? A new makeup bag, of course. Plus, it gives her an excuse to invest in some new beauty products too. (via Lia Griffith)

14. Pedicure in a Jar: A pedicure is pretty much at the top of every girl’s wish list. Gifting a pedi in a jar means that your friends can pamper while they’re wearing pajamas. (via Evermine Blog)

15. Gold and White Bowls: A great gift for anyone who loves her baubles. (via Le Zoe Musings)

16. Easel for Electronics: A girl can’t live without her tech, right? Your bridesmaid will immediately FaceTime you just to show how pleased she is with this smart accessory. (via Michaels)

17. Ombre Planters: Surprise your plant-loving pals with a planter that’s basically ombre eye-candy. (via Design Love Fest)

18. Marbled Votives: Finding a fab gift just takes a little creativity. This simple nail polish technique will have you marbling everything you own. (P.S. Wouldn’t these candles look stunning on your reception tables too? Hmmm… ). (via Lovely Indeed)

19. DIY Marbled Jewelry Trays: If you can’t get enough of marble, just grab some clay and a gold pen, and you can make these gorgeous jewelry trays in 30 minutes or less. (via Brit + C0)

20. Beauty in a Box: Your friends will have a hard time deciding where to start with this dreamy collection of skincare + beauty items (plus maybe a handful of gourmet chocolates?). (via Wedding Chicks)

21. Rhinestone Hair Clips: What lady doesn’t love gemstones and sparkly things? These rhinestone hair clips are all kinds of fabulous and sure to prompt smiles. (via Lauren Conrad)

22. Monogram Stationary Box: Wait, who knew that you could turn an unfinished wooden box into something this glam? Turns out that this is an easy DIY. (via Damask Love)

23. Zipped Lips Pouch: Everyone’s obviously got love on the brain, so it’s hard to go wrong with a zipped lips pouch. It’s the perfect place to stash day-of essentials: lipstick, tissues, breath mints and such. (via A Beautiful Mess)

24. Bead-iful Statement Necklace: Help your bridesmaids make a fashion statement wherever they go with this fun and contemporary beaded necklace. (via Brit + Co)

25. Gold Leaf Bowls: If you’re really looking to impress, show off your creative talents with a handmade paper mache gold leaf bowl they can use to stash all their pretties. (via Kelli Murray)

26. Monogrammed Gold Sharpie Mugs: Grab some mugs and give em’ a monogram makeover. (via Pinegate Road)

27. Neon Succulents: We’re suckers for succulents, and this pretty planter is so simple to put together, it’s sure to become one of your go-to gifts. (via Jen Lauren Grant)

28. Bridesmaid Totes: Here’s proof that the perfect present doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort. Glittery gold iron-on vinyl instantly turns a basic tote into something trendy. If you’re feeling generous, fill it up with goodies. (via Style Me Pretty)

29. Sugar Lip Scrubs: If you’re planning a winter wedding, what better gift for your bridesmaids than a sugar lip scrub? They’ll be grateful to kiss chapped lips goodbye. (via Brit + Co)

30. Personalized Jewelry Box: Still at a loss on what gift to give your friends? Here’s the ultimate personalized present that’s sure to please any friend: a jewelry box filled with all her favorite things. (via Best Friends for Frosting)

How are you showing your ‘maids the love? Which of these gifts would you love to receive from your bestie bride? Share your fave DIYs in the comments below!