As the weather starts to heat up, so should your door decorations! After all, guests are coming over to attend your pool parties and barbecues, so you’ll want to make sure to greet them with festive decor before they even cross the threshold. A bright and colorful wreath not only welcomes your friends and family but also gives off serious summertime vibes. Before you jump into the celebrations — with wine slushies galore — pull out your favorite pool floaties, grab your margarita glasses, swap out your doormat, and finish it all off with one of the summer door decor ideas below.


1. Lemon Wreath DIY: When life gives you *faux* lemons, make a delicious-looking wreath. It’ll brighten up your entryway with a refreshing style. (via Ordy and Joon)


2. Woven Blanket Wreath DIY: Flowers and fruit not really your thing? Opt for a trendier design by turning your favorite woven blanket into a wreath and pairing it with a cactus for trendy desert vibes. (via Persia Lou)

3. Wild Flower Wreath: Looking for more of an ethereal welcoming? Pluck your favorite flowers from your garden and create this whimsical door accent.


4. Living Succulent Wreath DIY: Weather can sometimes be problematic when it comes to your outside decorations, but succulents can stand up to just about anything. Pull together these pretty plants to create a gorgeous living wreath that will last all summer long. (via Pretty Prudent)

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5. Felt Flower Wreath: Get tickled pink with this floral number. With just a little felt and a wood base, it’s an easy DIY that will give your door a girly aura.

6. Daisy Wreath: If you’re more of a country gal, this one is for you! Colorful daisies add a pop and give your home a rustic ambiance.


7. Banana Leaf Wreath DIY: Dreaming of Hollywood? This Beverly Hills Hotel-inspired wreath will leave your entryway looking extra-fabulous. (via Persia Lou)


8. Tulip + Hydrangea Wreath DIY: Whether it’s tulips and hydrangeas or two of your other favorite flowers, you can’t go wrong with this DIY. Get ready to show off your *blooming* love for summer. (via Free Borboleta)


9. Fiesta Wreath DIY: Throwing a fun fiesta to kick off the season? Pick up some tissue paper and honeycomb balls to welcome your guests. (via Design Improvised)


10. Pineapple Wreath DIY: It’s luau season! Prep for your Hawaii-themed celebration by creating this decor that will have your guests feeling the tropical breeze as soon as they walk through the door. (via Twinspiration)


11. Geometric Wreath DIY: Ditch your classic floral decoration for something a little more modern. Create the geometric look with leftover cocktail straws. (via Persia Lou)


12. Floating Flower Wreath DIY: Wanting something more traditional but with a twist? Make this floral ring to hang over an entryway to your backyard. It’s a sweet welcome to your backyard barbecue or bridal shower. (via Paper and Stitch)


13. Accordion Paper Wreath DIY: Love the look of flowers but don’t want to deal with the upkeep? Try out this delicately folded paper wreath that can be updated for every season by just switching the paper. (via The Craft Patch)


14. Felt Succulent Wreath DIY: Minimalism is totally making a comeback. With this easy DIY, you can create a stylish wreath that keeps things simple and subtle. (via Sarah Hearts)

15. Mermaid Pasta Wreath: Hit the bulk food store and grab all the shapes and sizes because you’ll be gluing pasta for a while. Thankfully, the end result is totally worth it. (via Handmade Charlotte)

16. Beach Wreath: Perhaps you live near the beach, or maybe you’d rather just be at the beach. This little piece of door decor will remind you of your happy place each time you walk past it. (via Crafts Unleashed)

17. Cactus Wreath: The prickly pear gets a moment to shine this season. Enjoy it while it lasts, because the real thing, although gorgeous, is far less playful. (via Design Improvised)

18. Patriotic Napkin Wreath: Finally! A good use for all the festive napkins you snag but never end up actually using. Just don’t place it where the wind will carry it off with a strong gust. (via Sarah Hearts)

19. Tropical Wreath: Tropical leaves and bright blooms are in perfect harmony here. Bend and shape all the leaves to create visual flow, or just to hide the hoop. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

20. Modern Woven Wreath: Beyond the different flowers and pretty ribbons, you can explore all kinds of mixed media with a wreath. Don’t forget about chunky wool next time you’re adding some texture to your curb appeal. (via Lovely Indeed)

21. Paper Cut Wreath: The paper cutting machines really can do some incredible things. The detail on these is truly precious and can transform even the most boring cardstock into something amazing. (via Fall for DIY)

22. Beach Ball Wreath: You can’t get much more whimsical than this. Where do you even begin to find all these tiny inflatable balls? Online, of course! (via Design Improvised)

23. Floral Double Hoop Wreath: Be a trendsetter by breaking the mold and using two instead of one. It means you’ve got more space to hang stunning florals from. (via Purely Katie)

24. Ombre Rag Wreath: Dying to try the fabric scrap technique? Jump right in with a red, white, and blue ombre version. (via Tell Love and Party)

25. Crepe Lemons Wreath: Here’s proof, once again, that crepe paper is pure magic when it comes to crafting and creating. The colors wow against all the lush and velvety greens. (via The House That Lars Built)

26. DIY Sun Ray Wreath: The sunburst design is never going out of style, and when painted in bright colors, they look just like the sun! (via Handmade Charlotte)

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(Additional reporting by Ariel Garneau)