Have as many drinks as you want this Easter. In fact, you can have ALL the drinks and still feel like a million bucks — because these cocktails are non-alcoholic. Toasting sans alcohol for the holiday will be the opposite of a drag, no matter your reasons for staying dry. Everyone will be too busy thinking about how delicious these grown-up sodas and mocktails are to miss the booze. So, cheers to those creative Easter eggs you whipped up and these 20 spring-themed mocktails that will look just as gorgeous as your modern Easter centerpiece.


1. Strawberry Cucumber Limeade: This fizzy drink with a sugar sprinkle rim looks like a party in a glass. The kind of party where everyone brings cupcakes and other Easter brunch baked goods. (via A Beautiful Mess)


2. Ginger Basil Grapefruit Spritzer: Basil becomes the star of this drink when cooked down into simple syrup form. Its floral and fruity notes really come forward, thanks to a dose of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. (via One Two Simple Cooking)


3. Italian Cream Soda: Throw back to an old-school diner fave with this recipe for Italian cream soda. It’s like a lighter soda float, since the added heavy cream doesn’t contain any extra sugar. Opt to make a fresh fruit syrup from scratch for the tastiest results. (via The Merry Thought)


4. Virgin Ginger Mimosas: These virgin ginger mimosas are a healthy alternative to the usual champagne and orange juice creation. Substitute club soda for champagne here and top with fresh orange juice, whole pieces of ginger and clementines, which infuse flavor as they soak. (via In Sonnet’s Kitchen)


5. Grapefruit and Rosemary Mocktail: Grapefruit and rosemary make quite the team — we’re thinking they ought to pair up more often. Make extras of this mocktail, because you’ll want it the next morning, and the one after that, and the one after that… (via The Casual Craftlete)


6. Jalapeño Watermelon Agua Fresca: This drink is already the perfect shade of pink to go with your Easter tablescape. If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, serve these at your outdoor Easter shindig — it’s bound to be a thirst-quenching hit. (via The Pig and Quill)


7. Kombucha Sangria Smoothie: There’s no hangover to accompany this sangria smoothie, so sip away! You won’t miss the wine, given the sour touch added by the kombucha. It rounds out the sweetness without the headache. (via Keepin’ It Kind)


8. Peach Shrub Mocktail: Sweet peach is perfectly offset by the vinegar in this shrub. It’s a balance of sweet and sour so vivid, you’ll swear you just bit into a peach at an orchard. The sage garnish on top gives it that extra-special cocktail feel, but without the alcohol. (via Set the Table)


9. Classic Bloody Mary Mocktail: You don’t need booze to add a kick to a Bloody Mary. Just load up on Tabasco or your hot sauce of choice. Don’t forget the accoutrements! Fancy cocktail garnish, anyone? (via A Beautiful Mess)


10. The Palauxma: When you take the tequila out of a paloma, you’re left with a grapefruit soda. But we’re not mad about it — especially with this recipe for fresh grapefruit soda, made with real grapefruit. (via The Brewer and the Baker)

French 75 mocktail recipe

11. French 75 Mocktail: This non-alcoholic twist on one of our fave cocktails is a cause for celebration. Even without Champagne, you can’t beat the refreshing taste of lemonade soda. The rock candy garnish doesn’t hurt either. (via Always Order Dessert)


12. Lemon Lavender Mocktail: Serve up spring in a glass with this lemon + lavender flavor combo. To get your mocktail this pretty pastel shade, add the tiniest drop of blue food dye. (via The Merry Thought)


13. Blueberry Maple Mojito Mocktail: This blueberry maple mojito mocktail might give you wine mouth, but it won’t make you sleepy. Your brunch guests will be begging for the recipe for this one. (via Healthy Recipe Ecstasy)


14. Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange With Mint Spritzer: Blood oranges lend a gorgeous ruby hue to these spritzers. Though Kiran Tarun uses ginger ale to top her drinks, you can try ginger beer if you’re looking for a spicier mocktail. (via Kiran Tarun)


15. Non-Alcoholic Sangria: Pomegranate juice and black tea do an amazing job of imitating the tannin taste of red wine in this completely alcohol-free sangria. Go ahead — have as many as you want! (via The Kitchn)


16. Watermelon Ginger Spritzer: This summer-is-coming mocktail is a breeze to make. You can make it ahead of time, and top it off with sparkling water to freshen it up when you’re ready to serve. (via Kitchen Konfidence)


17. Easter Bunny Mocktails: Kids and adults alike will love these carrot orange juice drinks. Use a bunny-shaped cookie cutter to make a cute little fruit skewer as a finishing touch. (via Tatertots and Jello)


18. Non-Alcoholic Ginger Mocktail: Dress up your orange juice at Easter brunch with a splash of ginger ale and maple syrup. A finishing dash of ginger really takes things up a notch. (via My Ginger Garlic Kitchen)


19. Rose Lemonade: This is not the stuff from your lemonade stand days. Rosewater adds a sophisticated twist, but use with care; a little goes a long way, and a lot tastes like soap ;) (via With a Spin)


20. Fancy Lady Mocktail: Ginger, carrots, apples and oranges make for a tasty juice, so it makes sense to team them up for a mocktail. The key to this drink is reducing the apple cider into a syrup. It will take around four or five hours, but you’ll be happy you did it once you try a sip. (via Cake Over Steak)

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